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Biorelated Polymers and Gels: Controlled Release and Applications in Biomedical Engineering (Polymers, Interfaces and Biomaterials) | Hardcover

by Teruo Okano (Author)

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Binding:  Hardcover
Publisher:  Academic Press
Edition:  1stst Edition
Page Count:  257 Pages
Publication Date:  March 16, 1998
Sales Rank:  6995035th


Product Description
This book is intended to bring basic researchers, biomedical engineers, and industrial scientists up-to-date with new developments in polymers and gels. It describes the physics and chemistry underlying polymer gel phase transitions, polymer structural changes used to control biointerfactual behavior, and intelligent polymer materials which are stimuli-responsive. Biorelated Polymers and Gels provides a resource-rich discussion of the applications and potentialfor these technologies. * * One of the first books in this interdisciplinary field* Brings the reader up-to-date quickly on new developments* Describes intelligent materials, including stimuli-responsive polymers and their functions* Provides a resource-rich discussion of the applications and potential for these technologies is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program
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