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Barron's AP Biology | Paperback

by Deborah T. Goldberg M.S. (Author)

List Price: $18.99  

Binding:  Paperback
Publisher:  Barron's Educational Series
Edition:  3rd Edition
Page Count:  576 Pages
Publication Date:  February 01, 2010
Sales Rank:  469786th

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Product Description
Three full-length practice exams are presented with all questions answered and explained. The author also presents detailed reviews of all test topics and includes multiple-choice and free-response questions with answers at the end of each topicÂ's chapter. Test topics include: biochemistry, the cell, cell respiration, photosynthesis, cell division, heredity, the molecular basis of inheritance, classification, evolution, plants, animal physiology, the human immune system, animal reproduction and development, ecology, animal behavior, and an extensive laboratory section.

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