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Total Synthesis II | Paperback

by Strike (Illustrator)

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Binding:  Paperback
Publisher:  Panda Ink
Edition:  1st Edition
Page Count:  291 Pages
Publication Date:  August 01, 1998
Sales Rank:  2207579th


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Dirty Pictures

Dirty Pictures
Starring: Alexander Shulgin
Directed By: Etienne Sauret


Alexander Sasha Shulgin is the scientist behind more than 200 psychedelic compounds including MDMA, more commonly known as Ecstasy. Considered to be one of the greatest chemists of the 20th century, Sasha s vast array of discoveries have had a profound impact in the field of psychedelic research, making him a subject of fascination and controversy among fellow scientists and a folk hero to recreational users of psychedelics. Dirty Pictures uncovers the lifework of Dr. Shulgin...

Tihkal: The Continuation

Tihkal: The Continuation
by Alexander Shulgin (Author), Ann Shulgin (Author)

Book annotation not available for this title.
Title: Tihkal
Author: Shulgin, Alexander
Publisher: Transform Pr
Publication Date: 1997/09/01
Number of Pages:
Binding Type: PAPERBACK
Library of Congress:

Pihkal: A Chemical Love Story

Pihkal: A Chemical Love Story
by Alexander Shulgin (Author), Ann Shulgin (Author)

, xxviii, 978 pages, xxviii, 804 pages, other ISBN: 0963009699

Amphetamine Syntheses: Industrial

Amphetamine Syntheses: Industrial
by Otto Snow (Author)

Amphetamine Syntheses (1998) was a global blockbuster. The new and improved Industrial edition is now available, jam packed with state of the art drug chemistry, hot new formulas written by some of the greatest minds of the 20th century. Small town mom and pop labs across America to the multi-ton labs of global organized crime, how they make drugs and what they use to make them. Otto has put together the most explicit syntheses on the bulk production of psychedelic amphetamines, precursors...

The Shulgin Index, Volume One: Psychedelic Phenethylamines and Related Compounds

The Shulgin Index, Volume One: Psychedelic Phenethylamines and Related Compounds
by Alexander T. Shulgin (Author), Tania Manning (Author), Paul F. Daley (Author)

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