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Heart Failure Pocketcard Set | Cards

by Bbp (Author)

List Price: $10.95  

Binding:  Cards
Publisher:  Borm Bruckmeier Publishing LLC
Edition:  1 Lam Crdsst Edition
Page Count:  6 Pages
Publication Date:  March 01, 2009
Sales Rank:  1164626th


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Product Description
The Heart Failure pocketcard Set contains a collection of important information on the pathophysiology, diagnosis and management of heart failure including: * Neurohormonal mechanisms of heart failure and common causes of nonischemic cardio myopathy * Heart failure staging information including stage-specific treatment guidelines * The correct assessment and treatment of acute decompensate heart failure * A PRIDE score- and BNP level-based algorithm for the management and triage of patients with suspected acute congestive heart failure * Instructions on the initial evaluation of patients with heart failure including history and physical and laboratory data information * AHA/ACC/HRS guidelines on cardiac defibrillation and resynchronization therapy * Pharmacologic therapy information including dosage tables for ACE inhibitors, ARBs, diuretics, inotropes, and other drugs commonly used in the management of heart failure


ECG Pocketcard 3-Card Set Single Cards

ECG Pocketcard 3-Card Set Single Cards
by Borm Bruckmeier Publishing (Author)

Set of three ECG pocketcards including ECG pocketcard ECG Evaluation pocketcard ECG Ruler Pocketcard

Neurology pocketcard Set

Neurology pocketcard Set
by Ruediger Ilg (Author), Sebastian Stuckrad-barre (Author)

This pocketcard Set contains all the important information that neurologists need all day: * Neurological examination
* Survey of dermatomes, cranial nerves, clinically relevant muscles, and cerebral vessels
* Mini-Mental State Test and Glasgow Coma Scale
* NEW: third card on cerebral vessels and territories, and nerves of the upper and lower extremities

Acid-Base, Fluids, Lytes Pocketcare Set

Acid-Base, Fluids, Lytes Pocketcare Set
by Jed A. Katzel (Author), Bbp (Author)

Book by Katzel, J. A.

Nephrology Pocketcard

Nephrology Pocketcard
by J. A. Katzel (Author), Borm Bruckmeier Publishing (Editor), Andrew, M.D. Bohmart (Editor)

The Nephrology pocketcard Set is a collection of important diagnostic and management information for a variety of common kidney diseases. This includes: * Acute renal failure assessment and workup; includes information on distinguishing between prerenal, intrinsic, and postrenal azotemia * Information on identifying glomerular disorders including the differentiation of nephritic and nephritic syndromes * Interpretation of urinary casts and renal ultrasound * Description of urinary stone types...

MemoCharts Pharmacology: Drug therapy for cardiac arrhythmias (Review chart) (Paperback)

MemoCharts Pharmacology: Drug therapy for cardiac arrhythmias (Review chart) (Paperback)
by Howard Shen (Author)

An integrated mini review of the drug therapy for cardiac arrhythmias, illustrated with visually appealing tables and diagrams. A quick visual aide for the course study and board review is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program
designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to
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