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Tumor Board Review: Guideline and Case Reviews in Oncology | Hardcover

by Francis P. Worden MD (Author), Robert F. Todd III MD PhD (Editor), Kathleen A. Cooney MD (Editor), Teresa G. Hayes MD PhD (Editor), Martha Pritchett Mims MD PhD (Editor)

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Binding:  Hardcover
Publisher:  Demos Medical
Edition:  1st Edition
Page Count:  376 Pages
Publication Date:  October 17, 2011
Sales Rank:  1306367th


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Product Description
Tumor Board Review provides comprehensive coverage of all topics in oncology. Each of the 32 chapters focuses on a specific major disease. A brief overview of epidemiology and risk factors is followed by a sequence of specific presentations organized by tumors stage or disease classification. Each discussion features a case presentation that mimics the format of a tumor board presentation and thus illustrates key diagnostic and management decisions. There is also a discussion of the evidence that supports the clinical management decisions taken in the case, based on current expert panel guidelines. Algorithms and decision tree graphics are used extensively to provide visual support of the decision process. The combination of case presentations and evidence-based management discussions make this volume a unique tool for keeping current with clinical guidelines and provides the reader with a clear understanding of applications of new information for use in daily practice. Features of Tumor Board Review Include: Comprehensive coverage of all areas of oncology Presentation of most recent guidelines and management standards in concise, user-friendly format In-depth "tumor board" presentations showing clear clinical applications Special focus on indications and use of new drugs, and treatment of new side effects Extensive use of algorithms Color atlas section of pathology photomicrographs


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