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Interception & The New Space Race (Comet Clement series, #2 & #3) | Kindle Edition

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**BOOKS 2 AND 3 TOGETHER FOR ONE LOW PRICE** Book 2 - Interception The Inner Circle's plans to deflect the comet are in place but Neil Peterson's long journey to intercept Clement faces serious tests... The president is embattled in a bitter re-election attempt and knows that losing could lead to the comet secret being exposed to the world... NASSA's plans to build the biggest space station for 'scientific purposes' are put into effect... Earl Ackerman's paranoia leads him to making rash decisions about the secret that's slowly destroying the little sanity he has left... The secret can't stay hidden forever... Book 3 - The New Space Race Plans continue to move forward on the space station, which draws the ire of the country, but the Inner Circle won't be deterred from preparing for the worst... Tyler Ainsworth Jr. has learned of the secret and begins to make plans for his own massive shelter, this one to be in the ocean depths instead of the heavens... The president exchanges information about the comet with Russia for help on the station and Russia plans for their own safe haven deep in the mountains... A new American leader emerges who does not seem to share the Inner Circle's passion for constructing the space station... Another country enters the race to build a space station unlike anything humankind has ever seen... Please check out the author's other works. COMET CLEMENT SERIES: BOOK ONE - THE INNER CIRCLE BOOK TWO - INTERCEPTION BOOK THREE - THE NEW SPACE RACE BOOK FOUR - THE THREE ARKS BOOK FIVE - EVACUATION EARTH BOOK SIX - FINAL DAYS BOOK SEVEN - IMPACT BOOK EIGHT - UNINVITED BOOK NINE - TAKEOVER BOOK TEN - MISSION: SURVIVAL BOOK ELEVEN - RELOCATION BOOK TWELVE (FINAL BOOK) - A SECOND CHANCE LIFE, INC. - If you could learn the exact moment of your death, would you? If you could see a deceased one for one more day - at the cost of one year of your life - would you? These are the answers Life, Inc. wants to know... CRYO-MAN series SEASON ONE SEASON TWO coming soon... FLEA'S FIVE CHRISTMASES SERIES: THE NORTH POLE CHALLENGE - FLEA'S FIRST CHRISTMAS **WINNER IN THE 2010 NEW YORK BOOK FESTIVAL** THE RUDOLPH CHALLENGE - FLEA'S SECOND CHRISTMAS THE JACK FROST CHALLENGE - FLEA'S THIRD CHRISTMAS THE FROSTIE CHALLENGE - FLEA'S FOURTH CHRISTMAS THE SOUTH POLE CHALLENGE - FLEA'S FIFTH AND FINAL CHRISTMAS KEEPER OF THE WATER SERIES BOOK ONE - DRINKING LIFE BOOK TWO - RECRUITS BOOK THREE - THE WATER QUEENS


The Inner Circle (Comet Clement series, #1)

The Inner Circle (Comet Clement series, #1)

1908... Siberia... A tiny comet rips through Earth's atmosphere and explodes above the Tunguska region of Siberia, instantly engulfing thousands of square acres of the mostly desolate region. The explosion is heard for hundreds of miles, the light of the comet seen halfway across the globe. Had the comet hit a few hours earlier in a more populated area, millions would have been killed...

A century later, another comet - this one hundreds of times bigger and more powerful -...

The Three Arks (Comet Clement series, #4)

The Three Arks (Comet Clement series, #4)

With a new president in office - and an apprehensive new ally in the Inner Circle - the men planning for the end of the world face new struggles. Will the space station be finished in time? How will they get passengers on board the space station without giving away the secret of Comet Clement?

Tyler Ainsworth faces his own troubles with his seacraft. He needs more money to complete his boat but doesn't want to go to the Inner Circle for fear of losing even more control. How will he...

Sea of Shadows

Sea of Shadows
by Stealth Books

"Here is a writer at the top of his game. The result is a brilliant techno-thriller, the kind a young Clancy would be proud to call his own." -- HOMER HICKAM, Bestselling author of 'Rocket Boys'

A minor accident at a German nuclear power plant, a Biological Warfare attack on the British Embassy in Washington, DC, and a secret arms deal combine to drive a trusted NATO Ally into an illegal alliance with a rogue Middle Eastern state. With the world hovering on the brink of war, a...

Final Days (Comet Clement series, #6)

Final Days (Comet Clement series, #6)

With only days remaining until Comet Clement reaches Earth, final preparations are made for the three arks. Even as the world waits to see if the last-ditch Domino Deflection attempt will work, pandemonium still erupts...

Peter Mansfield is tasked with gathering the last group of people to leave the planet, the 'specials' who have ties to the space station that they don't yet know about. Mansfield has faced many difficult decisions over the years but will he survive long enough to...

Evacuation Earth (Comet Clement series, #5)

Evacuation Earth (Comet Clement series, #5)

As the comet draws nearer, the 'Inner Circle' makes their final plans for Earth's survivors. The secret can no longer be kept and when it's announced, the world is threatened with chaos...

The seeds of discord are sown in several arks, which face serious threats before the comet arrives...

Colin's future becomes clearer, if he can survive long enough to see it...

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