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The Face in the Mirror: a transhuman identity crisis (Reflections Book 1) | Kindle Edition

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Product Description
What does it mean to be human? Imagine you're in a tragic accident. You expect to die! Instead, you awaken in a body that is not yours. Not even your own species. Not even your own gender. In a desperate attempt to save your life your brain has been transplanted into the only body available, the body of a genetically engineered slave. Everyone is quick to assure you that you are still “legally human,” but you know that when any stranger sees you they see property or perhaps a Frankenstenian abomination. It is a transformation that causes Todd Herschel to reevaluate his sense of self, his gender identity, her sexual orientation, and how humanity relates to its biological creations. If your brain is in a new body, whose soul do you have? Available in paperback through Amazon and most major book sellers. May requre a special order in brick and mortar stores.


Chained Reflections

Chained Reflections

When everyone doubts your humanity, can you hang on to being humane?

The sequel to The Face in the Mirror: a transhuman identity crisis.

Todd Hershel had tried to start a new life in the artificial islands of the Libertarian Colonies. A place where humans and escaped neo-people, genetically engineered anthropomorphic animals, lived as equals. Having her brain transplanted into one of their bodies had given Todd common cause with these bioengineered escaped slaves. ...

Cheetah's Win

Cheetah's Win
by Legion Printing and Publishing

The End of All Dreams is an awful thing to face. Even when you’ve done it to yourself.

The only worthwhile part of Cheetah Jones’s existence was playing professional baseball. But even superstar potential isn’t enough to keep you in the lineup when you’re well and truly determined to fail. Cheetah’s one lucky base-stealer, however. Despite highly-creative efforts at screwing up, his potential hasn’t gone unnoticed and a sympathetic owner is willing to offer him one last...

Off Leash (Freelance Familiars Book 1)

Off Leash (Freelance Familiars Book 1)
by Fallen Kitten Productions

Thomas Khatt had his life planned out. Not that it was all going according to plan. Unemployed, mostly broke, and living part-time with a absentee girlfriend, he thought his luck was bound to change soon. But after witnessing a terrible accident, Thomas experiences a very different kind of change, waking up with a tail, tawny fur and a disturbing urge to lick every mote of dust off his four feet! As if that wasn’t enough, magi are tripping all over themselves to auction him off to some...

Transmission Lost

Transmission Lost

Jack Squier is a civilian cargo pilot in a future where humanity has begun colonizing other worlds throughout space. This period of expansion has led to prosperity, but has also led to the unfortunate realization that humanity is not alone in the universe. Humanity is now at war with the Ailian Ascendancy, a fiercely territorial empire that does not take kindly to humanity encroaching on their domain. Over this decade-long conflict, humanity's ships have been spread thin across space as they...

Feral Claw: An epic furry fantasy adventure

Feral Claw: An epic furry fantasy adventure

Feral Claw is an epic fantasy story set in a furry world, focusing on a band of heroes. Herein you will meet - a rogueish fox from another world – a powerful and noble tiger knight – a cunning and witty feline mage.

Together, the three travel across the lands, fleeing the terror of the undead warlord Necarius, wild mages, bloodthirsty monsters, steampunk maniacs, and a horde of other crazy creatures.

You can follow them on their adventures and experience the... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program
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