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The Face in the Mirror: a transhuman identity crisis (Reflections Book 1) | Kindle Edition

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What does it mean to be human? Imagine you're in a tragic accident. You expect to die! Instead, you awaken in a body that is not yours. Not even your own species. Not even your own gender. In a desperate attempt to save your life your brain has been transplanted into the only body available, the body of a genetically engineered slave. Everyone is quick to assure you that you are still “legally human,” but you know that when any stranger sees you they see property or perhaps a Frankenstenian abomination. It is a transformation that causes Todd Herschel to reevaluate his sense of self, his gender identity, her sexual orientation, and how humanity relates to its biological creations. If your brain is in a new body, whose soul do you have? Available in paperback through Amazon and most major book sellers. May requre a special order in brick and mortar stores.


Chained Reflections

Chained Reflections

When everyone doubts your humanity, can you hang on to being humane?

The sequel to The Face in the Mirror: a transhuman identity crisis.

Todd Hershel had tried to start a new life in the artificial islands of the Libertarian Colonies. A place where humans and escaped neo-people, genetically engineered anthropomorphic animals, lived as equals. Having her brain transplanted into one of their bodies had given Todd common cause with these bioengineered escaped slaves. ...

Section 8

Section 8

The World Ended. But when it came down to brass tacks, it didn't happen the way it should have. Revelations wasn't wrong, but something outside human comprehension nudged the board. Years later, humanity is fighting against both itself and creatures it cannot comprehend.

Shawn is a professor who wants nothing more than to explore the world outside the California Free State. What unfolds through that simple request is a story of treason, loyalty, and an exploration into the human...

Hot Dragon Girls

Hot Dragon Girls

Surun and Aura, two young females from the world of dragons, are thrilled to be part of the student exchange program to attend college on the human world of Earth. But when they unexpectantly go into their mating heat, they are forced to turn to their one real human friend for help.

But is shy, nerdy Jericho up to the challenge of two horny dragon women twice his size?

The Rescue:  The First Visitation of Thuria (Thurian Saga Book 1)

The Rescue: The First Visitation of Thuria (Thurian Saga Book 1)


The bridge connecting the grand and storied Meeting Den Resort with the outside world has collapsed! The resort’s buildings are on fire, and the worst ice storm in five hundred seasons is on the way. Thurians of every age and rank are now trapped high in the Yarvea mountains without heat, communications, or food. With no ability to escape on their own, the coming sunrise might well be their last!

Nearby, a vehicle leaving the Meeting Den has...

The Northern Approach (The Fall of Eldvar Book 4)

The Northern Approach (The Fall of Eldvar Book 4)

(Book Four)
Nearly a year after the fall of Lantonne, the world has gone into hiding, trying to escape the armies of the north.

Despite their own desire to avoid the war that is sure to come, six individuals were seen in Turess' visions to be key to ending the onslaught before it is too late. Whether they accept and whether they are even still alive to play their roles has yet to be seen. Worse still, the only person who has read the full prophecies of Turess has no clear... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program
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