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Bat Face Mexican Heather Plant - Indoors/Out - Cuphea - 4" Pot

by Hirts: House Plant

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  • These are low maintenance, drought-tolerant, heat-loving plants
  • Mature Height: 12"
  • Full Sun, Indoors or Out
  • Correct Name: Cuphea llavea 'Georgia Scarlet'
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Product Description
The popularity of Mexican Heather exploded in the 1980s, and this plant, is still an excellent choice. The first species that comes to mind is the bat-faced cuphea, or Cuphea llavea. Summer's heat will not stop these unique flowers that look like bat faces with scarlet red petals and little, purple mouse ears. The stems become slightly woody, arching and weather-tough. These are low maintenance, drought-tolerant, heat-loving plants. They also make great house plants or patio plants. Height: 12" Full sun Proper name: Cuphea llavea 'Georgia Scarlet' is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program
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