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Recent Autoimmune Retinopathy Current Events - the latest Autoimmune Retinopathy news stories, articles, research and discoveries.
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Joslin researchers increase understanding of genetic risk factor for type 1 diabetes
As part of their ongoing research on the role of genes in the development of type 1 diabetes, Joslin Diabetes Center scientists, in collaboration with scientists at the University of Würzburg, have demonstrated how a genetic variant associated with type 1 diabetes and other autoimmune diseases influences susceptibility to autoimmunity. View News Article (2012-11-29)

How does immune globulin therapy work? Now is the time to find out
Immune globulin replacement began decades ago as a treatment for patients who could not make their own protective antibodies, but has proven to have much broader benefits than originally expected. View News Article (2012-11-26)

Breakthrough nanoparticle halts multiple sclerosis
In a breakthrough for nanotechnology and multiple sclerosis, a biodegradable nanoparticle turns out to be the perfect vehicle to stealthily deliver an antigen that tricks the immune system into stopping its attack on myelin and halt a model of relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (MS) in mice, according to new Northwestern Medicine research.  View News Article (2012-11-19)

Research breakthrough selectively represses the immune system
In a mouse model of multiple sclerosis (MS), researchers funded by the National Institutes of Health have developed innovative technology to selectively inhibit the part of the immune system responsible for attacking myelin-the insulating material that encases nerve fibers and facilitates electrical communication between brain cells.  View News Article (2012-11-19)

How infection can trigger autoimmune disease
Australian scientists have confirmed a 'weak link' in the immune system - identifying the exact conditions under which an infection can trigger an autoantibody response, a process not clearly understood until now. View News Article (2012-11-12)

Rheumatoid arthritis patients can get gout too, Mayo Clinic Study finds
Refuting a belief long held by many physicians, a Mayo Clinic study found that rheumatoid arthritis patients also can get gout. View News Article (2012-11-12)

Digital tablets improve speed and ease of reading for people with moderate vision loss
People who have eye diseases that damage their central vision can regain the ability to read quickly and comfortably by using digital tablets, according to a recent study. View News Article (2012-11-12)

Women with lupus have a higher risk for preeclampsia
New research reports that women with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) have a two-fold increase in risk of preeclampsia-a dangerous condition in which pregnant women develop high blood pressure (hypertension) and protein in their urine (proteinuria) after 20 weeks of gestation. View News Article (2012-10-31)

Rare cells regulate immune responses; may offer novel treatment for autoimmune diseases
Reproducing a rare type of B cell in the laboratory and infusing it back into the body may provide an effective treatment for severe autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis or rheumatoid arthritis, according to researchers at Duke University Medical Center.  View News Article (2012-10-15)

New point of focus found for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases
Scientists affiliated with VIB and UGent have discovered a mechanism used by the protein A20 to combat inflammation.  View News Article (2012-10-10)

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