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Ocean Acidification Could Lead to Collapse of Coral Reefs, Say Hebrew University Scientists
An expedition from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Carnegie Institute of Science has measured a roughly 40% reduction in the rate of calcium carbonate deposited in Australia's Great Barrier Reef in the last 35 years - a scenario that could damage the reef framework and endanger the entire coral ecosystem. View News Article (2014-09-30)

If trees could talk
Permafrost thaw drives forest loss in Canada, while drought has killed trees in Panama, southern India and Borneo.  View News Article (2014-09-26)

Study helps assess impact of temperature on belowground soil decomposition
The Earth's soils store four times more carbon than the atmosphere and small changes in soil carbon storage can have a big effect on atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations. View News Article (2014-09-24)

Answer to restoring lost island biodiversity found in fossils
Many native species have vanished from tropical islands because of human impact, but University of Florida scientists have discovered how fossils can be used to restore lost biodiversity. View News Article (2014-09-23)

New research decodes virus-host interactions in ocean dead zones
A complex web of interaction between viruses, bacteria, and their environment is becoming ever more untangled by a growing international collaboration between Matthew Sullivan, associate professor in the University of Arizona's Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Steven Hallam from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.  View News Article (2014-09-17)

Saltmarsh recovery looks good, falls short
In some places Cape Cod's imperiled saltmarsh grasses have been making a comeback, but a new study reports that their ability to protect the coast has not returned nearly as fast as their healthy appearance would suggest. View News Article (2014-09-17)

Climate Change Will Threaten Fish by Drying Out Southwest U.S. Streams, Study Predicts
Fish species native to a major Arizona watershed may lose access to important segments of their habitat by 2050 as surface water flow is reduced by the effects of climate warming, new research suggests. View News Article (2014-08-19)

Project serves up big data to guide managing nation's coastal waters
When it comes to understanding America's coastal fisheries, anecdotes are gripping - stories of a choking algae bloom, or a bay's struggle with commercial development. But when it comes to taking action, there's no beating big data. View News Article (2014-08-19)

Climate relicts may help researchers understand climate change
While hiking through the Ozarks' characteristic oak and hickory forests as a teenager, ecologist Scott Woolbright discovered something decidedly uncharacteristic for the region: prickly pear cacti growing on an exposed, rocky ledge.  View News Article (2014-08-13)

New study: Ravens rule Idaho's artificial roosts
A new study by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and Idaho State University (ISU) explored how habitat alterations, including the addition of energy transmission towers, affect avian predators nesting in sagebrush landscapes.  View News Article (2014-08-12)

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