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Very low concentrations of heavy metals and antibiotics contribute to resistance
New Swedish research shows that plasmids containing genes that confer resistance to antibiotics can be enriched by very low concentrations of antibiotics and heavy metals. View News Article (2014-10-08)

Happier consumers can lead to healthier environment, research reveals
The pursuit of true happiness can lead people to lifestyles that will not only be satisfying but will be better for the environment, according to an overview of psychological research presented at the American Psychological Association's 122nd Annual Convention. View News Article (2014-08-11)

Preterm children's brains can catch up years later
There's some good news for parents of preterm babies - latest research from the University of Adelaide shows that by the time they become teenagers, the brains of many preterm children can perform almost as well as those born at term. View News Article (2014-07-29)

A new view of the world
New research out of Queen's University has shed light on how exercise and relaxation activities like yoga can positively impact people with social anxiety disorders. View News Article (2014-07-18)

BU researchers relate arrests with HIV risk environment
Practices used in policing injection drug users in Russia might contribute to HIV transmission and overdose mortality. View News Article (2014-07-10)

Scientists eager to participate in public discourse on environment
A survey of more than 500 researchers indicates that scientists have the desire to get more involved in public discussion and policy decisions regarding environmental issues, but have concerns about how their efforts might be perceived. View News Article (2014-04-02)

Major breakthrough in stem cell manufacturing technology
Scientists at The University of Nottingham have developed a new substance which could simplify the manufacture of cell therapy in the pioneering world of regenerative medicine.  View News Article (2014-04-01)

Loss of biodiversity limits toxin degradation
You might not think of microbes when you consider biodiversity, but it turns out that even a moderate loss of less than 5% of soil microbes may compromise some key ecosystem functions and could lead to lower degradation of toxins in the environment. View News Article (2014-01-17)

Stem cells on the road to specialisation
Scientists at the University of Copenhagen have gained new insight into how both early embryonic cells and embryonic stem cells are directed into becoming specialised cell types, like pancreatic and liver cells. View News Article (2014-01-08)

EARTH Magazine: Geological travels in Antarctica
Yesterday, 52 scientists, journalists and tourists were rescued from frozen Antarctic waters, where their ship, the MV Akademik Shokalskiy, had been stuck in ice since December 24th, 2013. View News Article (2014-01-03)

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