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Stadium lighting affects bat behavior and may threaten biodiversity
A new Animal Conservation study shows that sports stadium lighting can alter patterns of bat species activity and feeding, which may in turn have cascading effects on other organisms and the ecosystem as a whole. View News Article (2015-07-24)

Virus-carrying mosquitoes are more widespread than ever, and spreading
Scientists behind the first global distribution maps of two species of dengue and chikungunya-carrying mosquitoes warn they are spreading to new areas where they could cause disease. View News Article (2015-07-01)

Genetic study of 'co-evolution' could provide clues to better food production
In 1964, renowned biologists Peter Raven and Paul Erhlich published a landmark study that introduced the concept of co-evolution. View News Article (2015-06-23)

Safe repellents that protect fruit from spotted wing Drosophila found
Insects destroy a very large fraction of the global agricultural output - nearly 40 percent. View News Article (2015-06-22)

Study: Crop-rotation resistant rootworms have a lot going on in their guts
After decades of effort, scientists are finally figuring out how insects develop resistance to environmentally friendly farming practices - such as crop rotation - that are designed to kill them. View News Article (2015-06-10)

Cold-blooded animals find it hard to adjust to global warming
Cold-blooded and other animals that are unable to regulate their internal temperature may have a hard time tolerating global warming, according to an analysis by biologists from the University of California, Berkeley, and San Francisco State University. View News Article (2015-05-20)

British invasion of the harlequin ladybird threatens other species
The harlequin ladybird, officially known as Harmonia axyridis, was widely introduced across continental Europe as a way to limit the population of small sap-sucking insects called aphids.  View News Article (2015-05-20)

University of Montana research finds evidence of non-adaptive evolution within cicadas
University of Montana Assistant Professor John McCutcheon has once again discovered something new about the complex and intriguing inner workings of the cicada insect.  View News Article (2015-05-19)

Do flies have fear (or something like it)?
When fruit flies respond to the threat of an overhead shadow, are they afraid? That's a hard question to answer, say researchers reporting in the Cell Press journal Current Biology on May 14. However, their studies do show that flies' response to visual threats includes many essential elements of what we humans call fear. View News Article (2015-05-15)

Do fruit flies have emotions?
A fruit fly starts buzzing around food at a picnic, so you wave your hand over the insect and shoo it away. But when the insect flees the scene, is it doing so because it is actually afraid? View News Article (2015-05-15)

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