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Industrial lead pollution beat explorers to the South Pole by 22 years and persists today
Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen became the first man to reach the South Pole in December of 1911. View News Article (2014-07-28)

Leaf-mining insects destroyed with the dinosaurs, others quickly appeared
After the asteroid impact at the end of the Cretaceous period that triggered the dinosaurs' extinction and ushered in the Paleocene, leaf-mining insects in the western United States completely disappeared. View News Article (2014-07-25)

Earlier Stone Age artifacts found in Northern Cape of South Africa
Excavations at an archaeological site at Kathu in the Northern Cape province of South Africa have produced tens of thousands of Earlier Stone Age artifacts, including hand axes and other tools. View News Article (2014-07-25)

Mining mountains of data for medical insights
Epidemiologists know that an important piece of evidence is often staring you in the face - but it's not always easy to see the forest for the trees. View News Article (2014-06-25)

Lab Shows Powerful, Possible Next Step in Electric Motors at Summit
A team from the Renewable Energy and Vehicular Technology Laboratory (REVT) at UT Dallas was one of a few research groups selected for advanced participation in a Department of Energy conference aimed at presenting the next generation of energy technologies. View News Article (2014-05-20)

Remote Surveillance May Increase Chance of Survival for 'Uncontacted' Tribes, MU Study Finds
Lowland South America, including the Amazon Basin, harbors most of the last indigenous societies that have limited contact with the outside world. View News Article (2014-04-23)

Study: Centuries of sand to grow Mississippi Delta
The wetlands of the Mississippi River Delta are slowly sinking and rapidly eroding, but new research from Rice University and the University of South Carolina has found the river's supply of sand - the material engineers most need to rebuild the delta - will stay constant for centuries. View News Article (2014-04-21)

Malaysian microjewels going extinct as they are discovered
A Malaysian-Dutch team of biologists have catalogued all 31 species of the tiny, but oh so pretty snail genus Plectostoma from West-Malaysia, Sumatra, and Thailand. Ten species are new to science, but some of those are going extinct as they are being discovered. View News Article (2014-03-25)

Using stolen computer processing cycles to mine Bitcoin
A team of computer scientists at the University of California, San Diego, has taken an unprecedented, in-depth look at how malware operators use the computers they infect to mine Bitcoin, a virtual currency whose value is highly volatile.  View News Article (2014-02-25)

Acid mine drainage reduces radioactivity in fracking waste
Much of the naturally occurring radioactivity in fracking wastewater might be removed by blending it with another wastewater from acid mine drainage, according to a Duke University-led study. View News Article (2014-01-10)

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