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2016: Optimal imaging matches intravascular ultrasound for guiding PCI EuroPCR
Using optimal frequency domain imaging (OFDI) to guide percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) with second-generation drug eluting stents (DES) achieves equivalent clinical and angiographic outcomes to intravascular ultrasound (IVUS)-guided PCI at 12 months, show results from the OPINION study reported in a late-breaker session at EuroPCR 2016. View News Article (2016-05-18)

Container design important for endangered plant nursery
Recent research at the University of Guam has shown that the use of traditional hard plastic containers in a conservation nursery reduced the quality of the roots of an endangered tree species. View News Article (2016-05-16)

What mountain gorillas reveal with their teeth
Mountain gorillas from Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda eat up to 30 kilos of plants a day and their diet is highly varied in a habitat that is becoming increasingly fragmented as a result of illegal hunting and deforestation.  View News Article (2016-05-12)

Novel functionalized nanomaterials for CO2 capture
Climate change due to excessive CO2 levels is one of the most serious problems mankind has ever faced. This has resulted in abrupt weather patterns such as flood and drought, which are extremely disruptive and detrimental to life, as we have been witnessing in India in recent years.  View News Article (2016-05-10)

Polyurethane phase morphology induces endothelial cell organization
A group of researchers from the Biomaterials and Regenerative Therapeutics Laboratory in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at University at Buffalo has shown that nanostructured phases of segmental polyurethanes can guide endothelial cells into networks which are critical for initiating vascular structures in regenerative tissue engineering applications.  View News Article (2016-01-06)

Well-preserved skeleton reveals the ecology and evolution of early carnivorous mammals
Prior to the rise of modern day mammalian carnivores (lions and tigers and bears, as well as weasels, raccoons, wolves and other members of the order Carnivora), North America was dominated by a now extinct group of mammalian carnivores - the hyaenodontids. View News Article (2015-12-10)

How cold -- and a bacterium -- fight obesity
Mirko Trajkovski's team, at the University of Geneva (UNIGE), Switzerland, demonstrated few weeks ago that the absence of gut microbiota can be linked to increased brown fat activation as a mean of limiting obesity.  View News Article (2015-12-04)

Hummingbirds rely on raw power, not physique, to outmaneuver rivals
Anna's hummingbird from the US west coast has the spangly plumage of a ballroom dancer, could out-maneuver a fighter pilot and can out-hover a helicopter. New research to be published in the journal eLife shows that brute strength is surprisingly important to their abilities. View News Article (2015-11-20)

Solvents save steps in solar cell manufacturing
Advances in ultrathin films have made solar panels and semiconductor devices more efficient and less costly, and researchers at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory say they've found a way to manufacture the films more easily, too. View News Article (2015-10-20)

Artificial whisker reveals source of harbor seal's uncanny prey-sensing ability
Harbor seals have an amazingly fine-tuned sense for detecting prey, as marine biologists have noted for years. View News Article (2015-10-16)

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