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Recent Neutron Star Current Events - the latest Neutron Star news stories, articles, research and discoveries.
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Combined effort for structural determination
Combining powder diffraction data with electron crystallography can give us a clearer view of modulated structures. View News Article (2015-04-15)

Improving work conditions increases parents' time with their children
A workplace intervention designed to reduce work-family conflict gave employed parents more time with their children without reducing their work time.  View News Article (2015-04-14)

Science shows there is more to a Rembrandt than meets the eye
Art historians and scientists use imaging methods to virtually "dig" under or scan various layers of paint and pencil.  View News Article (2015-04-14)

An exoplanet with an infernal atmosphere
As part of the PlanetS National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR), astronomers from the Universities of Geneva (UNIGE) and Bern, Switzerland, have come to measure the temperature of the atmosphere of an exoplanet with unequalled precision, by crossing two approaches. View News Article (2015-04-13)

Our Sun came late to the Milky Way's star-birth party
In one of the most comprehensive multi-observatory galaxy surveys yet, astronomers find that galaxies like our Milky Way underwent a stellar "baby boom," churning out stars at a prodigious rate, about 30 times faster than today. View News Article (2015-04-10)

Only 1 of 32 hockey helmets tested earn 3-star rating
Virginia Tech has helped change football for a decade, making the sport safer for athletes without losing the thrill of participating or watching a rugged, intense sport. Now its College of Engineering turns to the ice for hockey. View News Article (2015-03-31)

As stars form, magnetic fields influence regions big and small
Stars form when gravity pulls together material within giant clouds of gas and dust. But gravity isn't the only force at work. View News Article (2015-03-31)

More than a million stars are forming in a mysterious dusty gas cloud in a nearby galaxy
More than a million young stars are forming in a hot, dusty cloud of molecular gases in a tiny galaxy near our own, an international team of astronomers has discovered. View News Article (2015-03-19)

Time-lapse snapshots of a nova's fading light
Scientists in a collaboration led by Dai Takei of the RIKEN SPring-8 Center in Japan have, for the first time, examined a detailed 'time lapse' X-ray image of the expansion of a classical nova explosion using the GK Persei nova -- a binary star system which underwent a nova explosion in 1901. View News Article (2015-03-18)

Planets in the habitable zone around most stars, calculate researchers
Astronomers have discovered thousands of exoplanets in our galaxy, the Milky Way, using the Kepler satellite and many of them have multiple planets orbiting the host star. View News Article (2015-03-18)

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