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Genetics provides new clues about lionfish invasion
New genetic data suggest the red lionfish invasion in the Caribbean Basin and Western Atlantic started in multiple locations, not just one as previously believed, according to a new study led by the U.S. Geological Survey. View News Article (2015-04-24)

Why do animals fight members of other species?
Why do animals fight with members of other species? A nine-year study by UCLA biologists says the reason often has to do with "obtaining priority access to females" in the area. View News Article (2015-04-24)

Earth Day: Disease spread among species is predictable
On Earth Day, a study of disease dynamics in a California grassland has revealed fundamental principles underlying the spread of pathogens, or disease-causing microbes, among species. View News Article (2015-04-24)

NOAA, Tulane identify second possible specimen of 'pocket shark' ever found
A very small and rare species of shark is swimming its way through scientific literature. But don't worry, the chances of this inches-long vertebrate biting through your swimsuit is extremely slim, because if you ever spotted one you'd be the third person to ever do so. View News Article (2015-04-24)

Backyard birds enhance life in urban neighborhoods
How aware are you of the birds that live in your neighborhood? Do you know how many different species there are? View News Article (2015-04-23)

New perspectives on how ecological communities are assembled
What do you get when you combine a professor who literally wrote the book on community ecology and another who has more than 40 years experience as a leader in the field of evolutionary biology? View News Article (2015-04-22)

Evolution makes invading species spread even faster
Today, invasive animals and plants spread all around the globe. Predicting the dynamics of these invasions is of great ecological and socioeconomical interest. Yet studying them is fundamentally challenging because of the large spatial and temporal scales involved. View News Article (2015-04-22)

Testosterone key to new bird bang theory
New research from a Wake Forest University biologist who studies animal behavior suggests that evolution is hard at work when it comes to the acrobatic courtship dances of a tropical bird species. View News Article (2015-04-22)

How foreign animals affect Newfoundland's food chain
It's not just the people that make Newfoundland unique; it's the animals too -- both the native species and those that come-from-away. View News Article (2015-04-22)

Research highlights the importance of 'self-DNA' for maintaining diversity among species
In natural plant communities, diversity is maintained by limits set on each plant by itself. This involves a detrimental effect of self-DNA (DNA from the same species released during decomposition) on the plant's and its offspring's growth. View News Article (2015-04-21)

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