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Public perceptions of monkeys affected by the media
The way that monkeys are displayed in the media, such as in human settings and in contact with humans, can have serious effects on the way that the public perceives those species. View News Article (2015-02-26)

An evolutionary approach reveals new clues toward understanding the roots of schizophrenia
Is mental illness simply the evolutionary toll humans have to pay in return for our unique and superior cognitive abilities when compared to all other species?  View News Article (2015-02-25)

Climate-change clues from the turtles of tropical Wyoming
Tropical turtle fossils discovered in Wyoming by University of Florida scientists reveal that when the earth got warmer, prehistoric turtles headed north.  View News Article (2015-02-25)

New method for minimally invasive tissue ablation surgery
A team of researchers that includes scientists from the Quinnipiac University and the University of California, Berkeley reports a new method for minimally invasive tissue ablation surgery that combines electrolysis with reversible electroporation.  View News Article (2015-02-09)

How will ocean acidification impact marine life?
Many marine organisms--such as coral, clams, mussels, sea urchins, barnacles, and certain microscopic plankton--rely on equilibrated chemical conditions and pH levels in the ocean to build their calcium-based shells and other structures.  View News Article (2015-02-04)

From pecan to walnut: American leafminer invades Italy on a new tree
In 2010 Umberto Bernardo and his colleagues of the CNR, Institute for Sustainable Plant Protection in Portici found an unknown leafmining moth in southern Italian walnut orchards. View News Article (2015-02-04)

New yeast species marks milestone for collection
The National Collection of Yeast Cultures at the Institute of Food Research has added the 4,000th yeast strain to its publicly-available collection.  View News Article (2015-02-04)

A rare new plant inspires the first genus named after Sir David Attenborough
A new genus and species of flowering plants from the custard apple family, Annonaceae, has been discovered in the jungles of Gabon by French and Gabonese botanists. View News Article (2015-02-04)

Addressing feral cats' diet may help protect native species
Because reducing the impacts of feral cats--domestic cats that have returned to the wild--is a priority for conservation efforts across the globe, a research team recently reviewed the animals' diet across Australia and its territorial islands to help consider how they might best be managed. View News Article (2015-02-03)

Invasive species in the Great Lakes by 2063
The Great Lakes have been invaded by more non-native species than any other freshwater ecosystem in the world. View News Article (2015-01-30)

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