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Global marine analysis suggests food chain collapse
A world-first global analysis of marine responses to climbing human CO2 emissions has painted a grim picture of future fisheries and ocean ecosystems. View News Article (2015-10-13)

Evidence for functional redundancy in nature
One of biology's long-standing puzzles is how so many similar species can co-exist in nature. Do they really all fulfill a different role? View News Article (2015-10-09)

Climate change could benefit northern lizards
Higher temperatures result in Swedish sand lizards laying their eggs earlier, which leads to better fitness and survival in their offspring, according to research published in the open access journal BMC Evolutionary Biology.  View News Article (2015-10-08)

Novel cybercatalog of flower-loving flies suggests the digital future of taxonomy
Charting Earth's biodiversity is the goal of taxonomy and to do so the scientists need to create an extensive citation network based on several hundred million pages of scientific literature.  View News Article (2015-10-07)

High-arctic butterflies shrink with rising temperatures
New research shows that butterflies in Greenland have become smaller in response to increasing temperatures due to climate change.  View News Article (2015-10-07)

Researchers discover clues on how giraffe neck evolved
Scientists have long theorized that the long neck of modern-day giraffes evolved to enable them to find more vegetation or to develop a specialized method of fighting. View News Article (2015-10-07)

Illegal trade contributes to placing cacti among world's most threatened species
Thirty-one percent of cactus species are threatened with extinction, according to the first comprehensive, global assessment of the species group by IUCN and partners, published today in the journal Nature Plants.  View News Article (2015-10-06)

Many young fish moving north with adults as climate changes
Numerous studies in the Northeast U.S. have shown that adult marine fish distributions are changing, but few studies have looked at the early life stages of those adult fish to see what is happening to them over time. View News Article (2015-10-05)

Blueprints for limbs encoded in the snake genome
When researchers at the University of Georgia examined the genome of several different snake species, they found something surprising. View News Article (2015-10-05)

Pathogen-carrying neotropical ticks ride migratory birds into US
Tick species not normally present in the United States are arriving here on migratory birds. View News Article (2015-10-05)

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