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International agreement on MRI-scans 'likely to change how we detect prostate cancer'
International radiological bodies have agreed on a standard for how doctors evaluate MRI to confirm a diagnosis of prostate cancer.  View News Article (2015-10-05)

First reports of robotic surgery for advanced vena cava tumor thrombus due to kidney cancer
Surgery is required when cancer of the kidney causes a Level III thrombus, or clot, to develop in the major vein leading back to the heart.  View News Article (2015-07-30)

Drugs for impotence do not increase risk of melanoma
Using drugs for impotence does not increase the risk of malignant melanoma, researchers from UmeĆ„ University in Sweden conclude in a publication in JAMA, a top US medical journal.  View News Article (2015-06-24)

ED worsened, testosterone levels decreased by some treatments of prostate enlargement
Men with benign prostate enlargement who used finasteride (also known as proscar and propecia) to treat their condition, experienced worsening erectile dysfunction (ED) that did not resolve with continued treatment. In addition, they experienced a reduction in their testosterone levels leading to hypogonadism (little to no production of sex hormones). View News Article (2015-06-15)

New survey: Only about half of men can remember their last medical check-up
A new national survey about men and their cars, commissioned by Orlando Health, found that more than 80 percent of men could remember the make and model of their first car, but only about half could remember the last time they went to the doctor for a check-up.  View News Article (2015-06-08)

Urine-based test improves on PSA for detecting prostate cancer
A new urine-based test improved prostate cancer detection - including detecting more aggressive forms of prostate cancer - compared to traditional models based on prostate serum antigen, or PSA, levels, a new study finds. View News Article (2015-05-18)

Fee-for-service health care may lead to higher risk for robotic prostate surgery patients
A "perverse disincentive" for hospitals that have invested in expensive technology for robotic surgery may be jeopardizing prostate cancer patients who seek out the procedure, concluded a new study led by Henry Ford Hospital researchers.  View News Article (2015-05-15)

Use of radiotherapy after prostate cancer surgery declining, despite evidence of benefit
Despite strong evidence and guidelines supporting its use, post-surgical radiation therapy for prostate cancer patients at risk of recurrence is declining in the United States. The study, published online in the journal European Urology, finds fewer than 10 percent of patients at risk of recurrence received postoperative radiotherapy within six months of surgery in the U.S.  View News Article (2015-04-20)

Physicians pioneer the use of stereotactic body radiation for deadly kidney cancer complication
UT Southwestern Medical Center Kidney Cancer Program investigators have published what is believed to be the first reported successful use of stereotactic body radiation therapy for an often deadly complication of kidney cancer. View News Article (2015-04-08)

Study debunks common misconception that urine is sterile
Bacteria have been discovered in the bladders of healthy women, discrediting the common belief that normal urine is sterile. View News Article (2015-03-31)

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