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A new species of horse, 4.4 million years old
Two teams of researchers, including a scientist from Case Western Reserve University, have announced the discovery of a new species of fossil horse from 4.4 million-year-old fossil-rich deposits in Ethiopia.  View News Article (2013-12-13)

3D model reveals new information about iconic volcano
The volcano on the Scottish peninsula Ardnamurchan is a popular place for the study of rocks and structures in the core of a volcano. View News Article (2013-10-11)

Water and lava, but - curiously - no explosion
Rocky pillars dotting Iceland's Skaelingar valley were projectiles tossed into the fields by warring trolls. View News Article (2013-10-10)

Some volcanoes 'scream' at ever-higher pitches until they blow their tops
It is not unusual for swarms of small earthquakes to precede a volcanic eruption. They can reach a point of such rapid succession that they create a signal called harmonic tremor that resembles sound made by various types of musical instruments, though at frequencies much lower than humans can hear. View News Article (2013-07-15)

Geologists study mystery of 'eternal flames'
"Eternal flames" fueled by hydrocarbon gas could shine a light on the presence of natural gas in underground rock layers and conditions that let it seep to the surface, according to research by geologists at the Department of Geological Sciences and the Indiana Geological Survey at Indiana University Bloomington. View News Article (2013-05-09)

Taking the 'pulse' of volcanoes using satellite images
A new study by scientists at the University of Miami (UM) Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science uses Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) data to investigate deformation prior to the eruption of active volcanoes in Indonesia's west Sunda arc. View News Article (2012-11-06)

Scientists identify trigger for explosive volcanic eruptions
Scientists from the University of Southampton have identified a repeating trigger for the largest explosive volcanic eruptions on Earth. View News Article (2012-10-15)

The Brief but Violent Life of Monogenetic Volcanoes
A new study in the journal Geology is shedding light on the brief but violent lives of maar-diatreme volcanoes, which erupt when magma and water meet in an explosive marriage below the surface of the earth. View News Article (2012-10-04)

Old maps and dead clams help solve coastal boulder mystery
Perched atop the sheer coastal cliffs of Ireland's Aran Islands, ridges of giant boulders have puzzled geologists for years. What forces could have torn these rocks from the cliff edges high above sea level and deposited them far inland?  View News Article (2012-05-01)

Ancient raindrops reveal a wave of mountains sent south by sinking Farallon plate
50 million years ago, mountains began popping up in southern British Columbia. Over the next 22 million years, a wave of mountain building swept (geologically speaking) down western North America as far south as Mexico and as far east as Nebraska, according to Stanford geochemists. View News Article (2010-12-20)

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