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Recent Volcanology Current Events - the latest Volcanology news stories, articles, research and discoveries.
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Ancient super-eruptions in Yellowstone Hotspot track 'significantly larger' than expected
A number of giant super-eruptions between 8 and 12 million years ago that could be larger than the colossal eruptions known to have taken place at Yellowstone have been identified in the United States through research led by the University of Leicester.  View News Article (2016-03-28)

Study finds 'frictional heat' as a new trigger for explosive volcanic eruptions
A new study into magma ascent by geoscientists at the University of Liverpool has found that temperature may be more important than pressure in generating gas bubbles which trigger explosive volcanic eruptions. View News Article (2016-01-05)

Supervolcanoes likely triggered externally, study finds
Supervolcanoes, massive eruptions with potential global consequences, appear not to follow the conventional volcano mechanics of internal pressure building until the volcano blows.  View News Article (2015-11-05)

Connecting people and geology on volcanoes
In October 2011, heavy rainfall poured down the sides of El Salvador's San Vicente Volcano, nearly four feet of water in 12 days. Coffee plantation employees, working high up on the volcano's slope began noticing surface cracks forming on steep slopes and in coffee plantations.  View News Article (2015-08-03)

Earth's magnetic field could flip within a human lifetime
Imagine the world waking up one morning to discover that all compasses pointed south instead of north. View News Article (2014-10-15)

New insight may help predict volcanic eruption behavior
A new discovery in the study of how lava dome volcanoes erupt may help in the development of methods to predict how a volcanic eruption will behave, say scientists at the University of Liverpool. View News Article (2014-05-05)

Deep origins to the behavior of Hawaiian volcanoes
Kīlauea volcano, on the Big Island of Hawai'i, typically has effusive eruptions, wherein magma flows to create ropy pāhoehoe lava, for example. View News Article (2014-04-30)

A new species of horse, 4.4 million years old
Two teams of researchers, including a scientist from Case Western Reserve University, have announced the discovery of a new species of fossil horse from 4.4 million-year-old fossil-rich deposits in Ethiopia.  View News Article (2013-12-13)

3D model reveals new information about iconic volcano
The volcano on the Scottish peninsula Ardnamurchan is a popular place for the study of rocks and structures in the core of a volcano. View News Article (2013-10-11)

Water and lava, but - curiously - no explosion
Rocky pillars dotting Iceland's Skaelingar valley were projectiles tossed into the fields by warring trolls. View News Article (2013-10-10)

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