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The deadly toxin acrolein has a useful biological role
Scientists from RIKEN in Japan have discovered that acrolein--a toxic substance produced in cells during times of oxidative stress--in fact may play a role in preventing the process of fibrillation, an abnormal clumping of peptides that has been associated with Alzheimer's disease and other neural diseases. View News Article (2016-06-01)

Toxin from tobacco smoke could increase pain in spinal cord injury and worsen multiple sclerosis
A neurotoxin called acrolein found in tobacco smoke that is thought to increase pain in people with spinal cord injury has now been shown to accumulate in mice exposed to the equivalent of 12 cigarettes daily over a short time period. View News Article (2014-12-04)

Findings suggest new cause, possible treatment for multiple sclerosis
Researchers have found evidence that an environmental pollutant may play an important role in causing multiple sclerosis and that a hypertension drug might be used to treat the disease. View News Article (2010-11-24)

Simple new way to clean traces of impurities from drug ingredients
Scientists are reporting development of a simple new procedure for removing almost 98 percent of an important impurity that can contaminate prescription drugs and potentially increase the risk for adverse health effects in patients. View News Article (2012-06-21)

Finding a Polyamine Way to Extend Tomato Shelf Life
Tomatoes spend so much time on shelves and in refrigerators that an estimated 20 percent are lost to spoilage, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). View News Article (2011-02-17)

Gene leads to longer shelf life for tomatoes, possibly other fruits
A Purdue University researcher has found a sort of fountain of youth for tomatoes that extends their shelf life by about a week. View News Article (2010-06-29)

Natural metabolite might reset aging biological clocks
As we age, our biological clocks tend to wind down. A Weizmann Institute research team has now revealed an intriguing new link between a group of metabolites whose levels drop as our cells age and the functioning of our circadian clocks - mechanisms encoded in our genes that keep time to cycles of day and night. View News Article (2015-10-13)

Purdue scientists may have found key to halting spinal cord damage
Purdue University researchers may have isolated the substance most responsible for the tissue damage that follows initial spinal cord injury, a discovery that could also improve treatments for a host of other neurodegenerative conditions. View News Article (2005-06-21)

New pathway identified in Parkinson's through brain imaging
A new study led by researchers at Columbia University Medical Center has identified a novel molecular pathway underlying Parkinson's disease and points to existing drugs which may be able to slow progression of the disease. View News Article (2010-09-14)

Research reveals exactly how coughing is triggered by environmental irritants
Scientists have revealed how environmental irritants such as air pollution and cigarette smoke cause people to cough, in research published today in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. View News Article (2009-11-24)

Sort By: Most Viewed Acrolein Polyamines Current Events | Recent Acrolein Polyamines Current Events
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