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Culturally sensitive research in United Arab Emirates pinpoints indoor air quality risks
The rapid shift from nomadic life to modern-day culture in the United Arab Emirates has exposed residents to significant indoor air quality risks that can lead to respiratory illness, according to a new study from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. View News Article (2012-05-10)

Stricter control of air guns needed
The time has come for much stricter control of air guns, urges an editorial in Archives of Disease in Childhood. View News Article (2002-03-21)

Mailman School of Public Health researchers analyze air quality and weather changes by 2050
In a first of its kind study, a research team based at Columbia's Mailman School of Public Health found that changes in urban sprawl and climate that are projected to occur in the New York City metropolitan area by the 2050s could significantly affect air quality and health in the region. View News Article (2007-05-15)

Central American fires impact US air quality and climate
Scientists using NASA satellites and computer models have shown that pollutants from Central American biomass burning can influence air quality and climate in the United States. View News Article (2006-10-11)

Wind tunnel tests could lead to healthier towns and cities
It's hardly an appealing thought but the overpowering fragrance of mothballs in a large wind tunnel could provide the key to improving air quality in our towns and cities. The tests will improve our understanding of how pollution and heat behave at street level so that more effective ventilation methods can be developed. The research will be carried out by scientists at the University of Reading... View News Article (2003-12-16)

New design for motorcycle engines powered by compressed air
Most motorcycles in the world today use engines that burn gasoline, contributing to greenhouse gasses and adding air pollution to the surrounding area.  View News Article (2010-06-23)

Simulations predict savings from more airtight buildings
U.S. commercial building owners could save substantially on annual heating and cooling energy costs by improving airtightness of their buildings' envelope, according to a recent National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) study. View News Article (2005-10-10)

Just breathe: Ozone forecaster unveiled at University of Houston, available via Web
People with asthma or other respiratory problems can breathe a sigh of relief thanks to University of Houston professors who have recently unveiled a forecasting system that provides air quality data on ozone conditions. View News Article (2006-08-22)

Georgia State University research finds Clean Air Act increased Atlanta rainfall
A Georgia State University researcher is the first to show that the Clean Air Act of 1970 caused a rebound in rainfall for a U.S. city. View News Article (2013-06-06)

Europe clears the air
Satellite measurements show that nitrogen dioxide in the lower atmosphere over parts of Europe and the US has fallen over the past decade. More than 15 years of atmospheric observations have revealed trends in air quality. View News Article (2012-07-10)

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