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Bat researchers no longer flying blind on echolocation
Researchers at The University of Western Ontario (Western) led an international and multi-disciplinary study that sheds new light on the way that bats echolocate. View News Article (2010-01-25)

Study Amplifies Understanding of Hearing in Baleen Whales
For decades, scientists have known that dolphins and other toothed whales have specialized fats associated with their jaws, which efficiently convey sound waves from the ocean to their ears. View News Article (2012-04-18)

Clinical value of ginsenoside Rb1 against neuronal damage following cerebral ischemia
Activated microglia-mediated inflammation promotes neuronal damage under cerebral hypoxic-ischemic conditions, so it is likely that inhibiting hypoxia-induced activation of microglia will alleviate neuronal damage. View News Article (2014-04-04)

Reasons behind an increase in female genital cosmetic surgery in Australia and the UK
Publicly funded labiaplasties in Australia and the United Kingdom have more than doubled over the last decade, leading experts will say tomorrow at the RCOG/RANZCOG World Congress in Brisbane, Australia. View News Article (2015-04-14)

Radiologists play key role in successful bariatric procedures
With the increase of obesity in the last 50 years, bariatric surgeries are becoming a common solution for tackling this epidemic. A new exhibit shows how radiologists play a key role in ensuring the success of these procedures.  View News Article (2012-04-30)

Discovery of unique muscle fibers of upper airway in humans
Researchers at UmeĆ„ University in Sweden have discovered unique muscle fibers in the soft palate of the mouth in both infants and adults. The fibers seem to be present in greater number in snorers and sleep apnea patients.  View News Article (2015-12-08)

New research reveals how human ancestor walked, chewed, and moved
A team of scientists has pieced together how the hominid Australopithecus sediba (Au. sediba) walked, chewed, and moved nearly two million years ago. View News Article (2013-04-12)

Antioxidants aren't always good for you and can impair muscle function, study shows
Antioxidants increasingly have been praised for their benefits against disease and aging, but recent studies at Kansas State University show that they also can cause harm. View News Article (2010-01-27)

Musical training shapes brain anatomy and affects function
New findings show that extensive musical training affects the structure and function of different brain regions, how those regions communicate during the creation of music, and how the brain interprets and integrates sensory information. View News Article (2013-11-13)

Life-size, 3D hologram-like telepods may revolutionize videoconferencing
A Queen's University researcher has created a Star Trek-like human-scale 3D videoconferencing pod that allows people in different locations to video conference as if they are standing in front of each other. View News Article (2012-05-04)

Sort By: Most Viewed Anatomy Current Events | Recent Anatomy Current Events
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