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Study finds US among few NATO nations that use animals for military training
A new study published in the August 2012 issue of Military Medicine, the journal of the Association of Military Surgeons of the U.S., reveals that 22 of 28 NATO nations do not use animal laboratories for military medical training. View News Article (2012-08-09)

Children's fears learned through observation
Psychologists have found evidence which suggests that children can learn to be fearful of something just by observing another's facial expressions. View News Article (2005-03-21)

New methods to identify MRSA in pigs
It is important to keep the number of MRSA infections at a low level. In a PhD project at the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, the latest technologies within whole genome sequencing were exploited to develop new methods to identify genes which are important for the survival of MRSA in pigs. View News Article (2014-08-05)

Rabbits kept indoors could be vitamin D deficient
Rabbits that remain indoors may suffer from a lack of vitamin D, researchers report in a new study. In rabbits kept as pets or used in laboratory studies, the deficiency could lead to dental problems, undermine their cardiovascular health, weaken their immune systems and skew scientific findings. View News Article (2014-04-10)

Dogs' family status depends on family's locale
Man's best friend might just be treated like any other animal depending on where the owners live. A study by David Blouin, assistant professor of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Indiana University South Bend, found that people who think of animals as children tend to have a city background. View News Article (2010-08-16)

Infection control experts outline guidance for animal visitations in hospitals
New expert guidance by the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA) outlines recommendations for developing policies regarding the use of animals in healthcare facilities, including animal-assisted activities, service animals, research animals and personal pet visitation in acute care hospitals. View News Article (2015-03-03)

Correlation between bile duct obstruction and ductal cancer found
When bile duct cancer cells were placed in the liver of animals with bile duct obstruction, they grew more rapidly than identical cells placed in animals without bile duct obstruction. View News Article (2007-04-30)

Evolution reveals an independent route for diversity in animal form
Researchers have found that Cnidaria, a group of marine animals noted for diverse morphology among its constituent species, actually lacks the ancient "Hox" gene system that is essential for the development of most other animals. View News Article (2006-05-05)

Scientists confirm functionality of emergency ventilation system for horses
Respiratory or cardiovascular arrest in outdoor animals poses a huge challenge to veterinarians. View News Article (2013-09-24)

The quest for rat poisons that mimic the Pied Piper's magic flute
Scientists dream of developing a real-world version of the Pied Piper's magic flute - new poisons that pose no threat to people, pets or wildlife, while specifically targeting rats, those germ-laden creatures that outnumber humans 6 to 1 in some urban areas. View News Article (2011-01-13)

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