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First Multi-Year Nearshore Survey Of Antarctic Krill Reveals High Density, Stable Population In Shallow, Coastal Waters
Using smaller vessels that allow access to shallow, nearshore waters, researchers from Stony Brook University and the Southwest Fisheries Science Center conducted the first multi-year survey of the population of Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) in coastal waters near Livingston Island and discovered that nearshore waters had significantly higher krill biomass density than offshore waters. View News Article (2010-08-05)

Tropical sea temperatures influence melting in Antarctica
Accelerated melting of two fast-moving outlet glaciers that drain Antarctic ice into the Amundsen Sea Embayment is likely the result, in part, of an increase in sea-surface temperatures in the tropical Pacific Ocean, according to new University of Washington research. View News Article (2011-12-06)

Antarctic research shows night shift workers at risk from heart disease
Antarctic research shows night shift workers at risk from heart disease Night-shift workers may be at increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD) according to the latest research conducted in Antarctica. These findings could be of key importance to the UK economy, as a fifth of the country`s workforce are shift workers. A study by Mr Jonathon Lund and colleagues took blood samples... View News Article (2001-12-19)

1 by land and 1 by sea
NASA's Operation IceBridge got the 2012 Antarctic campaign off to a productive start with a land ice survey of Thwaites Glacier and a sea ice flight over parts of the Bellingshausen Sea.  View News Article (2012-10-17)

Press Release: Has Antarctic sea ice expansion been overestimated?
New research suggests that Antarctic sea ice may not be expanding as fast as previously thought. A team of scientists say much of the increase measured for Southern Hemisphere sea ice could be due to a processing error in the satellite data. View News Article (2014-07-22)

Antarctic ice loss
Increasing amounts of ice mass have been lost from West Antarctica and the Antarctic peninsula over the past ten years, according to research from the University of Bristol and published online this week in Nature Geoscience. View News Article (2008-01-14)

Ancient ice melt unearthed in Antarctic mud
The East Antarctic Ice Sheet repeatedly melted back several hundred miles inland during several warming periods 3 million to 5 million years ago in the Pliocene Epoch, according to a new study in the journal Nature Geoscience. View News Article (2013-07-23)

Waste Dump at the End of the World
On their mission to the moon in 1969 the Americans Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin created arguably the most famous footprints ever. View News Article (2013-02-08)

Antarctic snow inaccurate temperature archive
According to Dutch researcher Michiel Helsen, annual and seasonal temperature fluctuations are not accurately recorded in the composition of the snow of Antarctica. His research into the isotopic composition of the Antarctic snow has exposed the complexity of climate reconstructions. View News Article (2006-02-16)

You are here: AU » About Aarhus University » Science and Technology » Current affairs » News » Show Micro-gels from tiny Arctic and Antarctic ice algae play an important role in polar ocean carbon budgets
Secretion of polysaccharides from the micro community living within the sea ice stick organism together and forms greater particles introducing a rapid transport of carbon to the seafloor. View News Article (2013-09-11)

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