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Antarctic Current Events - the latest Antarctic news stories, articles, research and discoveries.
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New technology reveals seal behavior
New technology has allowed an international team including UK scientists from University of St Andrews and British Antarctic Survey to witness for the first time the behaviour of the southern elephant seal (Mirounga leonina) and how it relates to its physical environment. View News Article (2007-08-08)

Unique fossil discovery shows Antarctic was once much warmer
A new fossil discovery- the first of its kind from the whole of the Antarctic continent- provides scientists with new evidence to support the theory that the polar region was once much warmer. View News Article (2008-07-23)

Antarctic krill provide carbon sink in Southern Ocean
New research on Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba), a shrimp-like animal at the heart of the Southern Ocean food chain, reveals behaviour that shows that they absorb and transfer more carbon from the Earth's surface than was previously understood. View News Article (2006-02-07)

Unmanned aerial vehicles mark robotic first for British Antarctic Survey
Scientists at British Antarctic Survey (BAS) in collaboration with the Technical University of Braunschweig (TUBS), Germany have completed the first ever series of flights by autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in Antarctica. View News Article (2008-03-19)

Food shortages threaten Antarctic wildlife
Antarctic whales, seals and penguins could be threatened by food shortages in the Southern Ocean. Numbers of Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba), a shrimp-like crustacean at the heart of the food chain, are declining. The most likely explanation is a dramatic decline in sea-ice. The results are published this week in the journal Nature. View News Article (2004-11-01)

Blue blood on ice -- how an Antarctic octopus survives the cold
An Antarctic octopus that lives in ice-cold water uses an unique strategy to transport oxygen in its blood, according to research published in Frontiers in Zoology. View News Article (2015-03-11)

Antarctic ice shelf 'hangs by a thread'
British Antarctic Survey has captured dramatic satellite and video images of an Antarctic ice shelf that looks set to be the latest to break out from the Antarctic Peninsula. A large part of the Wilkins Ice Shelf on the Antarctic Peninsula is now supported only by a thin strip of ice hanging between two islands. It is another identifiable impact of climate change on the Antarctic environment. View News Article (2008-03-26)

Antarctic ice shelf retreats happened before
The retreat of Antarctic ice shelves is not new according to research published this week (24 Feb) in the journal Geology by scientists from Universities of Durham, Edinburgh and British Antarctic Survey (BAS). View News Article (2005-02-23)

WSU researcher sees survival story in Antarctic fly's small genome
Few animals can boast of being as tough as the Antarctic midge. Its larvae develop over not one but two Antarctic winters, losing nearly half their body mass each time. View News Article (2014-08-13)

Antarctic krill help to fertilize Southern Ocean with iron
A new discovery reveals that the shrimp-like creature at the heart of the Antarctic food chain could play a key role in fertilising the Southern Ocean with iron - stimulating the growth of phytoplankton (microscopic plant-like organisms). This process enhances the ocean's capacity for natural storage of carbon dioxide.  View News Article (2011-07-05)

Sort By: Most Viewed Antarctic Current Events | Recent Antarctic Current Events
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