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Red explosions: The secret life of binary stars is revealed
A University of Alberta professor has revealed the workings of a celestial event involving binary stars that results in an explosion so powerful it ranks close to Supernovae in luminosity.  View News Article (2013-01-25)

Record: fastest flashing star
Dutch researcher Steve van Straaten set a record during his doctoral research. The researcher registered the fastest ever change in the X-ray emission originating from a binary star. The record-breaking binary star consists of a neutron star and a lighter companion star. Astronomer Steve van Straaten studied the time variations in the X-ray emission from various binary stars. He found that one of... View News Article (2004-05-07)

One planet, 2 stars: New research shows how circumbinary planets form
Luke Skywalker's home planet Tatooine would have formed far from its current location in the Star Wars universe, a new University of Bristol study into its real world counterparts, observed by the Kepler space telescope, suggests. View News Article (2014-02-03)

Mystery of Quintuplet stars in Milky Way solved
For the first time, scientists have identified the cluster of Quintuplet stars in the Milky Way's galactic center, next to the super massive black hole, as massive binary stars nearing the end of their life cycle, solving a mystery that had dogged astronomers for more than 15 years. View News Article (2006-08-21)

New Star Systems First of Their Kind
Researchers funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) announced today in Astrophysical Journal Letters that they have discovered a faraway binary star system that could be the progenitor of a rare type of supernova. View News Article (2008-04-02)

A Simple View Of Gravity Does Not Fully Explain The Distribution Of Stars In Crowded Clusters
Gravity remains the dominant force on large astronomical scales, but when it comes to stars in young star clusters the dynamics in these crowded environments cannot be simply explained by the pull of gravity. View News Article (2013-02-21)

University of Hawaii at Manoa astronomers discover pair of solar systems in the making
Two University of Hawai'i at Mānoa astronomers have found a binary star-disk system in which each star is surrounded by the kind of dust disk that is frequently the precursor of a planetary system. View News Article (2009-07-01)

Newly Born Twin Stars Are Far From Identical
Two stars, each with the same mass and in orbit around each other, are twins that one would expect to be identical. So astronomers were surprised when they discovered that twin stars in the Orion Nebula, a well-known stellar nursery 1,500 light years away, were not identical at all. View News Article (2008-06-19)

U Alberta teams with citizen researchers 370 light years from Earth
A University of Alberta physicist brought together back-yard astronomers and professionals to confirm the mysterious behaviour of two stars more than 300 light years from Earth. View News Article (2013-05-24)

MSU researcher adds to knowledge of how early stars, galaxies formed
Research by a Michigan State University scientist sheds new light on how stars and galaxies were formed back in the early days of the universe - some 13 billion years ago. View News Article (2009-07-10)

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