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Neutron stars join the black hole jet set
NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory has revealed an X-ray jet blasting away from a neutron star in a binary system. View News Article (2007-06-28)

'Upside-down planet' reveals new method for studying binary star systems
What looked at first like a sort of upside-down planet has instead revealed a new method for studying binary star systems, discovered by a University of Washington student astronomer. View News Article (2014-04-22)

Proto-planet has 2 masters
A Rice University researcher will discuss images that may show the formation of a planet -- or a planetary system -- around a distant binary star at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington, D.C., today.  View News Article (2016-02-16)

The missing link in the evolution of magnetic cataclysmic stars?
An international team of astronomers might have discovered the missing link in the evolution of the so-called magnetic cataclysmic variable stars. They determined the spin and orbital periods of the binary star Paloma. View News Article (2007-09-17)

Explosion of a Low-Mass Helium Star in a Binary - First Evidence of a Hydrogen-deficient Supernova Progenitor
A group of researchers led by Melina Bersten of Kavli IPMU recently presented a model that provides the first characterization of the progenitor for a hydrogen-deficient supernova. View News Article (2014-10-17)

A Blast from Its Past Dates the Youngest Neutron-Star Binary
X-rays streaming toward Earth from the region near a neutron star that is cannibalizing its companion star have revealed the pair to be the youngest "X-ray binary" yet known. View News Article (2013-12-05)

White dwarfs crashing into neutron stars explain loneliest supernovae
A research team led by astronomers and astrophysicists at the University of Warwick have found that some of the Universe's loneliest supernovae are likely created by the collisions of white dwarf stars into neutron stars. View News Article (2014-08-08)

Bizarre binary star system pushes study of relativity to new limits
An international team of astronomers and an exotic pair of binary stars have proved that Albert Einstein's theory of relativity is still right, even in the most extreme conditions tested yet.  View News Article (2013-04-26)

Scientists find 'pinwheels' in Quintuplet cluster
Discovery of pinwheel-shaped dust spirals around two of the mysterious cocoon stars in the Quintuplet cluster tells scientists for the first time that they contain a duo of stars instead of just one. View News Article (2006-08-21)

Young binary star system may form planets with weird and wild orbits
Unlike our solitary Sun, most stars form in binary pairs -- two stars that orbit a common center of mass. Though remarkably plentiful, binaries pose a number of questions, including how and where planets form in such complex environments. View News Article (2014-07-31)

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