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Controlling embryonic fate by association
Association determines fate in embryonic stem cells, said Baylor College of Medicine researchers in a report that appears in the current issue of the journal Nature Cell Biology. View News Article (2008-05-05)

'Votes' of sub-cellular variables control cell fate
Members of a population of identical cells often "choose" different fates, even though they exist in identical conditions.  View News Article (2010-05-14)

Building an Olympiad
The recent New Year Honours list featured a remarkable woman, who provided the driving force needed to enter Britain into international competition. Norma Broadbridge, MBE FIBiol provided the energy and sheer hard work that was required to establish the UK in a previously untried arena. Science olympiads have almost 50 years' experience of encouraging and rewarding excellence and initiating... View News Article (2002-01-04)

'Invisible' bacteria dupe the human immune system
Scientists at the University of York have characterised an important new step in the mechanism used by bacteria to evade our immune system. View News Article (2008-02-20)

Scientists reveal important clues to how bacteria and viruses are identified as enemies
New research published in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology suggests complement system activation is initiated by receptors on the inside and outside of immune cells using unique and shared pathways. View News Article (2010-09-30)

Sleeping sickness parasite shows how cells divide their insides
Graham Warren, professor of cell biology, and his colleagues at Yale study Trypanosoma brucei, the parasite that causes Sleeping Sickness. View News Article (2005-11-08)

Trying to halt hepatitis C's molecular hijacking
Researchers at the University of Colorado School of Medicine have figured out intimate details of how the hepatitis C virus takes over an invaded cell, a breakthrough that could point to way for new treatments for the virus.  View News Article (2013-01-02)

Nanoparticles hitchhike on red blood cells: a potential new method for drug delivery
Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara have discovered that attaching polymeric nanoparticles to the surface of red blood cells dramatically increases the in vivo lifetime of the nanoparticles. View News Article (2007-06-27)

A firmer understanding of muscle fibrosis
Researchers describe how increased production of a microRNA promotes progressive muscle deterioration in a mouse model of Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), according to a study published online on January 2 in the Journal of Cell Biology. View News Article (2012-01-03)

CHECKING HOW CELLS GROW: New research dismisses a widely held assumption about cell growth
Research published today in Journal of Biology challenges an assumption about cell growth that underpins modern cellular biology. Ian Conlon and Martin Raff, of University College London, show that mammalian cells do not regulate their size in the way scientists have assumed they do since the 1970s. Conlon and Raff conducted a series of experiments, using Schwann cells from the sciatic nerve of... View News Article (2003-04-23)

Sort By: Most Viewed Cell Biology Current Events | Recent Cell Biology Current Events
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