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First-borns get more quality time with parents, study shows
Using data from the American Time Use Survey, Joseph Price, a graduate student in economics at Cornell, found that a first-born child receives 20-30 more minutes of quality time each day with a parent than a second-born child of the same age from a similar family. View News Article (2006-12-27)

High-quality child care found good for children -- and their mothers
High-quality early child care isn't important just for children, but for their mothers, too. View News Article (2012-02-08)

Traumatized moms avoid tough talks with kids, Notre Dame study shows
Mothers who have experienced childhood abuse, neglect or other traumatic experiences show an unwillingness to talk with their children about the child's emotional experiences, a new study from the University of Notre Dame shows. View News Article (2013-05-07)

Children in formal child care have better language skills
Fewer children who attend regular formal centre- and family-based child care at 1.5 years and 3 years of age were late talkers compared with children who are looked after at home by a parent, child-carer or in an outdoor nursery. View News Article (2011-01-06)

Notre Dame research shows children's school performance tied to family "type"
The way a family interacts can have more of an impact on a child's predicted school success than reading, writing or arithmetic, according to a University of Notre Dame study published recently in the Journal of Child Development. View News Article (2010-07-21)

Child care quality key for children from disadvantaged homes
Decades of research have demonstrated the importance of the resources in children's homes and the benefits of high-quality interactions with parents in supporting healthy development.  View News Article (2011-02-04)

Breastfeeding for less than 3 months may affect child's intelligence
Breastfeeding for less than 3 months may affect a child's intellectual development, finds research in the Archives of Disease in Childhood. The intellectual and motor skills of 345 randomly selected children were assessed at the ages of 13 months and 5 years. The length of time they were breastfed was recorded. Almost two thirds of them were breastfed for six months or more; 17 per cent were... View News Article (2001-08-20)

Young male sex offenders lack sexual sophistication
Adolescent child molesters have lower levels of sexual knowledge and are less able to empathise than their peers who do not offend. View News Article (2005-03-22)

Quality of early child care plays role in later reading, math achievement
As children head back to school and attention turns to strategies for boosting reading and math achievement for low-income youth, a new study says the quality of early child care may play a role. View News Article (2009-09-15)

Fathers influence child language development more than mothers
In families with two working parents, fathers had greater impact than mothers on their children's language development between ages 2 and 3, according to a study by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Frank Porter Graham (FPG) Child Development Institute and UNC's School of Education. View News Article (2006-10-31)

Sort By: Most Viewed Child Development Current Events | Recent Child Development Current Events
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