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DNA Construction Software Saves Time, Resources and Money
DNA construction, also known as DNA cloning or recombinant DNA technology - among a host of other terms - is one of the principal tools of modern biotechnology, used for a wide variety of purposes, including genetic studies, medical research, and the development of advanced biofuels. View News Article (2011-08-17)

The Opinion Group of the Observatory on Bioethics and Law of the Barcelona Science Park does not rule out research on embryos fertilised in vitro
On the 21st September at 12:00 noon the Document on Research on Human Embryos was officially presented to Barcelona City Hall at a meeting presided over by Vladimir de Semir, from the Barcelona City Hall, in the presence of the Assistant Vice President of the Barcelona Science Park, Marius Rubiralta. During the presentation, the Director of the Observatory on Bioethics and Law, who is also a... View News Article (2000-09-26)

Time Warp: LSU Researcher Shows Possibility of Cloning Quantum Information from the Past
Popular television shows such as "Doctor Who" have brought the idea of time travel into the vernacular of popular culture. But problem of time travel is even more complicated than one might think. LSU's Mark Wilde has shown that it would theoretically be possible for time travelers to copy quantum data from the past. View News Article (2013-12-09)

USC scientists 'clone' carbon nanotubes to unlock their potential for use in electronics
The heart of the computer industry is known as "Silicon Valley" for a reason. Integrated circuit computer chips have been made from silicon since computing's infancy in the 1960s. View News Article (2012-11-15)

Making the case for science
Do current controversies over GMOs and cloning indicate that the views of the science community are not having an impact on opinions in parliament, government, industry, the media and the public? How should the scientific community meet the needs of the public for scientific information? Is the government heeding scientific advice? A panel of speakers, drawn from different sectors of the... View News Article (1999-03-31)

Genome of PURAC's lactic acid-producing micro-organism completed by Greenomics™
PURAC and Greenomics™ (Plant Research International B.V.) announced the completion of the whole-genome sequencing of a production strain of PURAC that produces high amounts of lactic acid. Greenomics™ conducted the shotgun cloning and high quality sequencing of the genome up to a zero-gap situation. The closed genome is accompanied by an automated annotation and a functional... View News Article (2002-05-14)

Parthenogenetic stem cells don`t solve embryo ethical problems
The isolation by Advanced Cell Technologies of primate stem cells derived from parthenogenetic embryos represents a significant technical development, but not the ethical breakthrough which the paper hopes for. Indeed it raises some disturbing ethical issues. View News Article (2002-02-01)

Scientists clone mice from adult skin stem cells
For cells that hold so much promise, stem cells' potential has so far gone largely untapped. But new research from Rockefeller University and Howard Hughes Medical Institute scientists now shows that adult stem cells taken from skin can be used to clone mice using a procedure called nuclear transfer. View News Article (2007-02-13)

'Pregnant' protein-coding genes carry RNA 'babies'
Scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have performed a comprehensive analysis of small, non-protein-coding RNAs in the model nematode, C. elegans. View News Article (2006-01-10)

Dr David Shannon unhappy with scientists` advising of the government on foot and mouth - In February`s Science & Public Affairs
Main story in this month’s Science & Public Affairs: DEFRA’s newly retired chief scientist Dr David Shannon says he is unhappy with the way scientists advised government on foot and mouth. “The committee which advised the Government’s Chief Scientist, Professor David King, during the foot and mouth outbreak, had enormous influence on policy without having formal... View News Article (2002-02-18)

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