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Conservation in Canada
Conservation actions could be more efficient if there is similarity among taxa in the distribution of species. In a paper in Ecology Letters, May, by an international research team, patterns in the geographic distribution of five taxa were used to identify nationally important regions for conservation in Canada. There was congruence in both geographic distribution of taxa and a measure of the... View News Article (2004-05-04)

Biodiversity conservation - no guarantee for shortcuts
New research from scientists at the University of Sheffield published in the November issue of Ecology Letters has cast doubts on the widely held `rule of thumb` that the conservation of a country`s biodiversity can be guaranteed by focusing on protecting its threatened and endemic species. In a report published this week, Aletta Bonn, Ana Rodrigues and Kevin Gaston explain, "Nationally... View News Article (2002-10-30)

How the presence of conservation researchers affects wildlife
In a study that compared three sites within the Dja Conservation Complex in Cameroon, Africa, investigators found that the presence of a conservation research project acts as a deterrent to chimpanzee and gorilla poachers, and community awareness and involvement in research lead to an increased value of apes and intact forests to local people, thus limiting hunting practices. View News Article (2015-05-12)

New golden frog discovered in remote region of Colombia
A new poisonous frog was recently discovered in a remote mountainous region in Colombia by a team of young scientists supported by the Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP). View News Article (2007-08-29)

World's most endangered gorilla fights back
In the wake of a study that documented for the first time the use of weaponry by Cross River gorillas to ward off threats by humans, the Wildlife Conservation Society announced today new field surveys to better protect this most endangered great ape. View News Article (2007-12-06)

Wildlife Conservation Society announces new snake species
The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) announced the discovery of a spectacularly colored snake from a remote area of Tanzania in East Africa. View News Article (2012-01-10)

British Ecological Society Winter Meeting
Press Invitation You are invited to the UK's premier ecological event, the British Ecological Society's Winter Meeting, being held at the University of Warwick on 18-20 December 2001. Thousands of ecologists from the throughout the world will be attending the meeting, which includes more than 300 papers and 100 posters, as well as the presentation of the Marsh award for conservation and the... View News Article (2001-11-23)

Biodiversity hotspots, centres of endemicity, and the conservation of coral reefs
Coral reefs are renowned for their spectacularly high biodiversity, yet there is widespread concern for their future in the face of threats from land-clearing, over-fishing and global warming. A new study published in Ecology Letters by Australian scientists - Terry Hughes, David Bellwood and Sean Connolly has shown that biodiversity hotspots on coral reefs are not driven by local concentrations... View News Article (2002-10-30)

Public attitude toward tiger farming and tiger conservation
The wild tiger Panthera tigris is considered critically endangered, and it faces unprecedented threats, including habitat loss and fragmentation, depletion of prey, and continued illegal poaching for trade of tiger bones for traditional medicine and skins for ornamentation and collection. View News Article (2015-01-21)

Top nature photographers join a global conservational initiative to protect wilderness
More than 150 of the best nature photographers in the world gathered in Anchorage, Alaska, to discuss how photography can contribute to the conservation community's efforts in protecting wilderness areas and endangered species around the world. View News Article (2005-10-07)

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