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Biodiversity hotspots, centres of endemicity, and the conservation of coral reefs
Coral reefs are renowned for their spectacularly high biodiversity, yet there is widespread concern for their future in the face of threats from land-clearing, over-fishing and global warming. A new study published in Ecology Letters by Australian scientists - Terry Hughes, David Bellwood and Sean Connolly has shown that biodiversity hotspots on coral reefs are not driven by local concentrations... View News Article (2002-10-30)

Valuable coral reefs under siege
Leading coral reef experts are meeting today, 16 December 2004, at the Zoological Society of London to discuss the alarming rates of decline and formulate an action plan to prevent the demise of these important ecosystems. With approximately 20% of coral reefs already destroyed, it is thought that close to 50% may be close to collapse. View News Article (2004-12-15)

Fishing kills Fijian coral reefs
Outbreaks of a coral-eating starfish have occurred in Fiji resulting from overexploitation of the predatory fishes that normally limit its numbers. The impacts of the starfish are dramatic, with previously pristine coral reefs being turned into dull algal mats. Worryingly, Dulvy, Freckleton and Polunin - the authors of a study in the May issue of Ecology Letters -- found that light levels of... View News Article (2004-05-04)

Biodiversity and resilience of coral reefs
With over 3000 fish species, Indo-Pacific coral reefs represent one of the most diverse ecosystems on the globe. It is easy to assume that the loss of one or two species from these systems would have little impact. However, in an article in the April issue of Ecology Letters, Bellwood and colleagues document major changes in Indo-Pacific coral reef ecosystems as a result of over-fishing just one... View News Article (2003-04-08)

Caribbean wins the seaweed Olympics
A new study finds that Caribbean seaweeds are far better competitors than their equivalents in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. But this triumph is bad news for Caribbean coral reefs.  View News Article (2012-06-08)

Nutrient pollution can exacerbate coral disease outbreaks and threatens coral reef health
Wildlife diseases are one of the primary threats to coral reefs and other endangered marine ecosystems. For example, fungal and bacterial infections of reef-building corals and other key species recently caused mass-mortalities throughout the Caribbean. Species that dominated Caribbean coral reefs only twenty years ago are now functionally extinct. Little is know about the factors that promote... View News Article (2003-11-24)

Study shows cleaner water mitigates climate change effects on Florida Keys coral reefs
Improving the quality of local water increases the resistance of coral reefs to global climate change, according to a study published in June in Marine Ecology Progress Series.  View News Article (2010-07-07)

New study predicts where corals can thrive
The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth have developed a new scientific model that accurately maps where coral reefs are in the most trouble and identifies regions where reefs can be protected best. View News Article (2008-04-17)

Will coral reefs disappear?
This is the title of an upcoming symposium at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) annual conference in San Diego, California. And it's a topic that should not be taken lightly. View News Article (2010-02-22)

Coral reef decline-not just overfishing
Coral reefs, the rainforests of the sea, feed a large portion of the world's population, protect tropical shorelines from erosion, and harbor animals and plants with great potential to provide new therapeutic drugs. View News Article (2005-08-24)

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