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Complete text of all IUCr journals back to 1948 now online!
The International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) is excited to announce the availability of 50+ years of groundbreaking crystallographic research on your desktop! The complete text of all IUCr journals - back to 1948 - is now online. The IUCr is enabling unprecedented access to its complete journal collection. The Crystallography Journals Online service ( now offers full-text... View News Article (2002-02-03)

Starfish-shaped treatments for food poisoning
Embargoed until 19:00 GMT 9 February 2000 View News Article (2000-02-08)

NIH researchers provide detailed view of brain protein structure
Researchers have published the first highly detailed description of how neurotensin, a neuropeptide hormone which modulates nerve cell activity in the brain, interacts with its receptor. View News Article (2012-10-11)

RTS and Syrrx Announce Partnership
RTS Life Science International (RTS) and Syrrx announce a partnership to develop and market high throughput structural biology automation solutions. This will be known as the HTSB Factory™ and it allows the user to set-up hundreds of thousands of experiments for a target and increase the crystallization rate significantly. Dr. Wendell Wierenga, Chief Executive Officer for Syrrx explained:... View News Article (2003-05-01)

Bringing Out the Best in X-ray Crystallography Data
"Function follows form" might have been written to describe proteins, as the M. C. Escher-esque folds and twists of nature's workhorse biomolecules enables each to carry out its specific responsibilities. View News Article (2013-11-06)

UC Davis researcher develops model to foster new drug development to treat pain and epilepsy
Drawing on X-ray crystallography and experimental data, as well as a software suite for predicting and designing protein structures, a UC Davis School of Medicine researcher has developed an algorithm that predicts what has been impossible to generate in the laboratory: the conformational changes in voltage-gated sodium channels when they are at rest or actively transmitting a signal in muscle... View News Article (2011-12-13)

Scientists make first step towards 'holy grail' of crystallography
Scientists from Imperial College London and the University of Surrey have developed a new technique for crystallising proteins, a discovery which could help speed up the development of new medicines and treatments. View News Article (2006-01-09)

Lessening X-ray damage is healthy for protein discovery data too
New recommendations for using X-rays promise to speed investigations aimed at understanding the structure and function of biologically important proteins - information critical to the development of new drugs. View News Article (2013-12-19)

Structure of key cancer drug target identified
Researchers from Monash's Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology have determined the structure of the protein JAK2 kinase, a discovery with huge implications for the design and development of new cancer drugs. View News Article (2005-10-26)

Scientists reveal fine detail of cell`s energy machinery
A molecular pump that helps to keep cells flush with energy has been visualised by scientists at Imperial College, London. The structure of the pump, a key enzyme in bacterial respiration, reveals for the first time one of the molecular mechanisms that underpins cellular respiration, and confirms a Nobel Prize-winning theory proposed over 40 years ago by Briton Peter Mitchell. Professor So Iwata... View News Article (2002-03-05)

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