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Cultures of Consumption
The AHRB and ESRC are co-funding a major multi-disciplinary research programme on Cultures of Consumption. This five year programme aims to deepen our understanding of consumption and consumers by exploring the dynamics of consumer cultures, past and present, and by highlighting political, economic and cultural implications for the future. The budget for this programme is £5 million, which... View News Article (2003-06-13)

Is quality or cost more essential? The international cellphone market
As businesses move into international markets, they often do so with a "one size fits all" customer satisfaction strategy. View News Article (2015-04-29)

Carbon nanotubes can double growth of cell cultures important in industry
A dose of carbon nanotubes more than doubles the growth rate of plant cell cultures - workhorses in the production of everything from lifesaving medications to sweeteners to dyes and perfumes - researchers are reporting. View News Article (2012-04-05)

High fiber diet prevents prostate cancer progression
A high-fiber diet may have the clinical potential to control the progression of prostate cancer in patients diagnosed in early stages of the disease. View News Article (2013-01-10)

San Diego Zoo scientists establish cell cultures of endangered frog
San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy scientists have taken a tremendous leap forward in banking viable amphibian cells. View News Article (2011-11-04)

Cell removal technique could lead to cheaper drugs
Researchers at the University of Edinburgh have pioneered a simple way to remove dead cells from cell cultures used to make protein-based drugs, which are increasingly prescribed to treat a range of illnesses. View News Article (2008-08-27)

Press Invitation - The Two Cultures - Major International Conference On Science And Society
Scientists and scholars from North America, Europe and South Africa will assemble in London on 13 - 14 May for a two-day symposium on The Challenges of the Future. Promising a vigorous and topical debate, one of the sessions will address the use of scientific advice in the making of public policy. Another discussion will examine the ethical and social issues arising from the science of medicine.... View News Article (2002-03-04)

Researcher gives 'F' to multiculturalism education
Multicultural education in classrooms has failed to produce a deeper understanding across cultures, according to a Concordia University researcher. View News Article (2010-09-29)

Multiple Husbands Serve as Child Support and Life Insurance in Some Cultures Says MU Researcher
Marrying multiple husbands at the same time, or polyandry, creates a safety net for women in some cultures, according to a recent study by a University of Missouri researcher. Extra husbands ensure that women's children are cared for even if their fathers die or disappear. View News Article (2012-08-03)

Multiple Fathers Prevalent in Amazonian Cultures
In modern culture, it is not considered socially acceptable for married people to have extramarital sexual partners. View News Article (2010-11-11)

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