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Does Wisdom Really Come with Age? It Depends on the Culture
"Wisdom comes with winters," Oscar Wilde once said. And it's certainly comforting to think that aging benefits the mind, if not the body. But do we really get wiser as time passes? View News Article (2012-08-31)

Study: Athlete's first reaction in victory is dominance
Upon victory, an athlete's initial and instinctive reaction is one that displays dominance over his or her opponent, according to a new study published today in the journal Motivation and Emotion. View News Article (2014-01-10)

Big Development Projects Need Cultural Impact Assessments
Head of UNEP says Tourism and Infrastructure Schemes Must Respect Rights of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Nairobi, 18 November 2002 - New dam-building, mining and road-development schemes should only get the green light after thorough assessments of their impacts on the lives and cultures of indigenous peoples, the head of the United Nations environment arm said today. Klaus Toepfer, Executive... View News Article (2002-11-18)

Human umbilical cord blood cells found to enhance survival and maturation of key brain cells
Laboratory culture (in vitro) studies examining the activity of human umbilical cord blood cells (HUCB) on experimental models of central nervous system aging, injury and disease, have shown that HUCBs provide a 'trophic effect' (nutritional effect) that enhances survival and maturation of hippocampal neurons harvested from both young and old laboratory animals.  View News Article (2010-12-15)

Study suggests fish oil could help protect alcohol abusers from dementia
A Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine study suggests that omega-3 fish oil might help protect against alcohol-related dementia. View News Article (2013-09-09)

Maglev tissues could speed toxicity tests
In a development that could lead to faster and more effective toxicity tests for airborne chemicals, scientists from Rice University and the Rice spinoff company Nano3D Biosciences have used magnetic levitation to grow some of the most realistic lung tissue ever produced in a laboratory. View News Article (2013-01-25)

Wiring microbes to conduct and produce electricity faster
A team of researchers in Ireland have found evidence that altering the chemistry of an electrode surface (surface engineering) can help microbial communities to connect to the electrode to produce more electricity (electron-exchange) more rapidly compared to unmodified electrodes. View News Article (2013-09-05)

Laser therapy can aggravate skin cancer
High irradiances of low-level laser therapy (LLLT) should not be used over melanomas. View News Article (2009-11-20)

Genetic abnormalities identified in pluripotent stem cell lines
A multinational team of researchers led by stem cell scientists at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and Scripps Research Institute has documented specific genetic abnormalities that occur in human embryonic (hESC) and induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) lines.  View News Article (2011-01-07)

Monogamy reduces major social problems of polygamist cultures
In cultures that permit men to take multiple wives, the intra-sexual competition that occurs causes greater levels of crime, violence, poverty and gender inequality than in societies that institutionalize and practice monogamous marriage. View News Article (2012-01-24)

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