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U of A researcher has rare evidence of dinosaur cannibalism
University of Alberta researcher Phil Bell has found 70 million year old evidence of dinosaur cannibalism. View News Article (2009-10-07)

U of A students reaffirm the work of a 1920s paleontologist
Three University of Alberta paleontology graduate students blew the dust off an 85-year-old dinosaur find to discover the original researcher had it right and a 1970s revision of his work was wrong. View News Article (2009-12-15)

The world's deepest dinosaur finding-2256 metres below the seabed
The somewhat rough uncovering of Norway's first dinosaur happened in the North Sea, at an entire 2256 metres below the seabed. It had been there for nearly 200 million years, ever since the time the North Sea wasn't a sea at all, but an enormous alluvial plane. View News Article (2006-04-25)

New evidence dinosaurs were strong swimmers
A University of Alberta researcher has identified some of the strongest evidence ever found that dinosaurs could paddle long distances.  View News Article (2013-04-09)

Sands of Gobi Desert yield new species of nut-cracking dinosaur
Plants or meat: That's about all that fossils ever tell paleontologists about a dinosaur's diet. View News Article (2009-06-17)

New dinosaur species possible in Northwestern Alberta
The discovery of a gruesome feeding frenzy that played out 73 million years ago in northwestern Alberta may also lead to the discovery of new dinosaur species in northwestern Alberta. View News Article (2009-05-13)

Mysterious mountain dino may be a new species
A partial dinosaur skeleton unearthed in 1971 from a remote British Columbia site is the first ever found in Canadian mountains and may represent a new species, according to a recent examination by a University of Alberta researcher. View News Article (2008-06-13)

Discoverer of world's oldest stegosaur comes face to face with his find
The man who found evidence of the world's oldest stegosaur - a variety of armoured dinosaur - on a beach on Skye is to be presented with an artist's impression of the creature in Edinburgh, tomorrow, Friday. View News Article (1999-09-08)

Emory paleontologist reports discovery of carnivorous dinosaur tracks in Australia
The first fossil tracks belonging to large, carnivorous dinosaurs have been discovered in Victoria, Australia, by paleontologists from Emory University, Monash University and the Museum of Victoria (both in Melbourne). View News Article (2007-10-22)

The most comprehensive picture yet of how dinosaurs evolved has been produced by a team at Bristol University. More than 1,000 species of dinosaurs have been named since the first skeletons were dug up in the 19th century, and unravelling their patterns of evolution has been a major area of research. Since 1980, over 150 evolutionary trees of dinosaurs have been published, most of them looking... View News Article (2002-04-26)

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