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Scientists reveal underpinnings of drought tolerance in plants
Regions all over the globe are suffering from severe drought, which threatens crop production worldwide. This is especially worrisome given the need to increase, not just maintain, crop yields to feed the increasing global population. View News Article (2015-06-12)

Sowing a future for peas
New research from the John Innes Centre and the Central Science Laboratory could help breeders to develop pea varieties able to withstand drought stress and climate change. View News Article (2008-09-17)

Crossing paths in plants
On Monday 31 March ecologists will meet with molecular biologists at the University of Southampton for the most novel and broad-ranging scientific session of its kind. They will present findings in Session C5/P3 which show that the biochemical pathways which influence a plant's response to stimuli such as attack, disease or other stresses are not mutually exclusive as previously thought. For... View News Article (2003-03-26)

Time of day matters to thirsty trees, U of T researcher discovers
The time of day matters to forest trees dealing with drought, according to a new paper produced by a research team led by Professor Malcolm Campbell, University of Toronto Scarborough's vice-principal for research and colleagues in the department of cell and systems biology at the St. George campus. View News Article (2009-11-24)

Sequence matters in droughts and floods
When extremes of drought and flood come in rapid succession, the extent of damage to vegetation may depend in part on the sequence of those events, according to a new study published in The American Naturalist.  View News Article (2009-01-08)

UM researchers document global connections between El Nino events and drought
A team of researchers recently discovered that global climate change is causing general increases in both plant growth and potential drought risk.  View News Article (2015-11-04)

How does your green roof garden grow?
Growing plants on rooftops is an old concept that has evolved from simple sod roofing to roof gardens and new, lightweight "extensive green roofs". View News Article (2011-01-03)

Research finds way to double rice crops in drought-stricken areas
University of Alberta research has yielded a way to double the output of rice crops in some of the world's poorest, most distressed areas. View News Article (2008-11-21)

Flood-tolerant rice plants can also survive drought, say UC Riverside scientists
Rice, which is sensitive to drought due to its high water requirement, is particularly vulnerable to how global climate change is altering the frequency and magnitude of floods and droughts. View News Article (2011-03-03)

Drought sensitivity shapes species distribution patterns in tropical forests
Looking at a rainforest it's easy to see that there are hundreds of different tropical plant species that inhabit the forest. Although the patterns of plant distributions in tropical forests have been widely studied, the reasonings behind these patterns are not as well known. View News Article (2007-05-15)

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