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Smoking and natural disasters: Christchurch residents increase tobacco consumption post-earthquake
The prevalence of smoking in Christchurch, New Zealand, increased following the 2010 earthquake, according to a new study.  View News Article (2012-09-05)

Drilling reveals fault rock architecture in New Zealand's central alpine fault
Rocks within plate boundary scale fault zones become fragmented and altered over the earthquake cycle. View News Article (2015-02-09)

A sea change for earthquakes
A reconstruction of land movements and changes in sea levels for three massive historic earthquakes in Alaska gives clues that may help scientists forecast future earthquakes and earthquake-triggered tsunami. To be published in this week's Journal of Quaternary Science¹ the findings should help reduce losses from future catastrophic events. View News Article (2005-02-21)

Homing in on a potential pre-quake signal
Changes in seismic velocity--changes in the speeds at which seismic waves move through the Earth's crust--have been identified during and after many earthquakes. View News Article (2012-08-03)

Forecasting the Next Great San Francisco Earthquake
The San Francisco Bay region has a 25 percent chance of a magnitude 7 or greater earthquake in the next 20 years, and a roughly 1 percent chance of such an earthquake each year, according to the "Virtual California" computer simulation. View News Article (2005-10-14)

Industry corruption, shoddy construction likely contributed to Haiti quake devastation
The death toll in the massive 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti Jan. 12 is expected to continue to rise in the coming days, likely in large part because of corruption and resulting shoddy construction practices in the poor Caribbean nation, according to a University of Colorado at Boulder seismologist. View News Article (2010-01-15)

The area of influence of earthquakes could be larger than is currently thought
Dr Álvaro Corral, a Ramón y Cajal researcher for the UAB Department of Physics, studies the relationships between the time and place of earthquake occurrences (ie, the jumps between an initial earthquake and another earthquake at a later time in another place) using statistical physics methods. View News Article (2006-11-22)

A crystal ball of earthquakes
When the next big earthquake hits a region like San Francisco, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) grantee Kristy Tiampo wants to ensure that communities will not only be able to evacuate, but also rebuild. View News Article (2007-02-15)

Loma Prieta Fault Not So Weak?
A new study adds to evidence that the fault responsible for the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake is not as unusually weak as had been thought. View News Article (2007-12-20)

Monitoring Yellowstone earthquake swarms
The Seismological Society of America (SSA) is an international scientific society devoted to the advancement of seismology and its applications in understanding and mitigating earthquake hazards and in imaging the structure of the earth. View News Article (2009-04-10)

Sort By: Most Viewed Earthquake Current Events | Recent Earthquake Current Events
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