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2002 Alaskan quake left 7 areas of California stirred but not shaken
Earth tremors not linked to volcanic activity first turned up in seismic observations several years ago, but those tremors were almost exclusively in subduction zones such as the Cascadia region off the coast of the Pacific Northwest. View News Article (2007-11-26)

2011 Virginia quake triggered landslides at extraordinary distances
The 2011 Mineral, Virginia M-5.8 earthquake was felt over an extraordinarily large area. A new study details landslides triggered by the earthquake at distances four times greater and over an area 20 times larger than previously documented for M-5.8 earthquakes worldwide.  View News Article (2012-11-06)

US earthquake resilience needs strengthening, says new report
A new National Research Council report presents a 20-year road map for increasing U.S. resilience to earthquakes, including a major earthquake that could strike a highly populated area.  View News Article (2011-03-31)

Human Cognitive Performance Suffers Following Natural Disasters, Human Factors/Ergonomics Researchers Find
Not surprisingly, victims of a natural disaster can experience stress and anxiety, but a new study indicates that it might also cause them to make more errors - some serious- in their daily lives. View News Article (2012-02-13)

New activity on old fault lines: French earthquake no surprise
The relatively powerful earthquake that hit eastern France last Saturday confirms the findings of the postgraduate research currently being conducted by Gideon Lopes Cardozo at the Université Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg and the Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences at the VU Amsterdam. Lopes Cardozo is investigating the causes of earthquakes in the southern part of the Rhine Graben. His... View News Article (2003-02-27)

Major flooding risk could span decades after Chinese earthquake
Up to 20 million people, thousands of whom are already displaced from their homes following the devastating Chinese earthquake, are at increased risk from flooding and major power shortages in the massive Sichuan Basin over the next few decades and possibly centuries. View News Article (2008-09-05)

San Andreas affected by 2004 Sumatran quake
U.S. seismologists have found evidence that the massive 2004 earthquake that triggered killer tsunamis throughout the Indian Ocean weakened at least a portion of California's famed San Andreas Fault. View News Article (2009-10-01)

Listening to rocks helps researchers better understand earthquakes
When Apollo punished King Midas by giving him donkey ears, only the king and his barber knew. Unable to keep a secret, the barber dug a hole, whispered into it, "King Midas has donkey ears," and filled the hole. But plants sprouted from the hole, and with each passing breeze, shared the king's secret.  View News Article (2009-08-18)

Deep creep means milder, more frequent earthquakes along Southern California's San Jacinto fault
With an average of four mini-earthquakes per day, Southern California's San Jacinto fault constantly adjusts to make it a less likely candidate for a major earthquake than its quiet neighbor to the east, the Southern San Andreas fault, according to an article in the journal Nature Geoscience.  View News Article (2009-11-09)

Built on sand
Numerical modelling of geological deformation processes Innsbruck/Vienna (FWF) - The precise knowledge of geological stresses, faults, fissures or folds is essential for tunnelling projects, earthquake forecasts or the final storage of radioactive waste. Sponsored by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), Dimitrios Kolymbas from the Institute of Geotechnical and Tunnel Engineering at Innsbruck... View News Article (2001-04-23)

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