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Studying rivers for clues to global carbon cycle
In the science world, in the media, and recently, in our daily lives, the debate continues over how carbon in the atmosphere is affecting global climate change. Studying just how carbon cycles throughout the Earth is an enormous challenge, but one Northwestern University professor is doing his part by studying one important segment -- rivers. View News Article (2008-02-11)

Ecology could break deadlock between grouse shooting and hen harrier conservation
Led by Professor Steve Redpath of the University of Aberdeen, the study involved grouse managers and conservationists as well as ecologists. View News Article (2014-08-12)

Which came first, the moth or the cactus?
It's not a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket- unless you're a senita moth. View News Article (2007-08-15)

Texas-sized tract of single-celled clones
A Rice University study of microbes from a Houston-area cow pasture has confirmed once again that everything is bigger in Texas, even the single-celled stuff. The tests revealed the first-ever report of a large, natural colony of amoebae clones -- a Texas-sized expanse measuring at least 12 meters across. View News Article (2009-03-12)

Male seahorses like big mates
Male seahorses have a clear agenda when it comes to selecting a mating partner: to increase their reproductive success. View News Article (2009-07-08)

New high-resolution carbon mapping techniques provide more accurate results
A team of scientists from the Carnegie Institution for Science's Department of Global Ecology and the USDA Forest Service's Pacific Southwest Research Station (PSW) has developed new, more accurate methods for mapping carbon in Hawaii's forests. View News Article (2011-03-15)

Rapid evolution within single crop-growing season increases insect pest numbers
New research by scientists at the University of California, Riverside shows that evolution - genetic changes in populations over time - can occur so rapidly in organisms that its impact on population numbers and other aspects of biology can be seen within just a few generations. View News Article (2011-08-16)

Boat noise stops fish finding home
Boat noise disrupts orientation behaviour in larval coral reef fish, according to new research from the Universities of Bristol, Exeter and Liège. Reef fish are normally attracted by reef sound but the study, conducted in French Polynesia, found that fish are more likely to swim away from recordings of reefs when boat noise is added. View News Article (2013-07-01)

Coral colonies more genetically diverse than assumed
Coral colonies are more genetically diverse than it has been assumed to date. This is the conclusion drawn by biologists at Ruhr-Universit├Ąt Bochum, who have conducted comprehensive studies into the genetic variability in individual colonies of different reef-forming coral species. View News Article (2015-06-10)

Long-term study finds that nutrient enrichment of headwater stream disrupts food web in unexpected ways
Human activity is increasing the supply of nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, to stream systems all over the world. View News Article (2009-12-18)

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