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Biology Faculty Member's Article on Exotic Plants Appears in Ecology Letters
When people hear about exotic plants invading a new environment, there is usually a negative connotation, according to biology faculty member Matthew Heard in an article published in the journal Ecology Letters. View News Article (2012-12-03)

"Live fast, die young" applies to forests, too.
Forests provide humans with economically important and often irreplaceable products and services, and affect global climate by acting as sources and sinks of heat-trapping carbon dioxide. Yet the possible responses of forests to ongoing environmental changes are poorly understood. In the most recent issue of Ecology Letters, Stephenson and van Mantgem show that birth and death rates of trees vary... View News Article (2005-04-19)

Lancaster at the forefront of environmental research in Europe
One of the largest environmental research centres in Europe opens in Lancaster this week (6 July). The £25 million Lancaster Environment Centre brings together around 300 researchers and lecturers, all working to find solutions to major environmental problems. This joint venture between the Natural Environment Research Council's Centre for Ecology and Hydrology and the University of... View News Article (2004-07-01)

U of Minnesota research reveals critical role of evolutionary processes in species coexistence
A team of researchers, led by the University of Minnesota, addressing long-standing conflicts in ecology and evolutionary science, has provided key directions for the future of community ecology. View News Article (2009-05-22)

Making maps from space
A new and improved Land Cover Map was launched today (31 October ) as a key part of the Countryside Survey 2000. In his opening speech at the launch Lord Whitty, DEFRA Science Minister, said 'Land Cover Map 2000 is, I believe, the first ever national map of land cover and habitats, as seen from space at a detailed field-by-field resolution, anywhere in the world.' The Land Cover Map (LCM2000) has... View News Article (2001-10-30)

Media Invitation: British Ecological Society Annual Meeting, Lancaster University, 7-9 September 2004
You are invited to attend the UK's premier ecological event, the British Ecological Society's Annual Meeting, being held at Lancaster University on 7-9 September 2004. Thousands of ecologists from all four corners of the globe will be attending the meeting, which features hundreds of scientific papers and posters. Highlights include: * The BES Lecture, given by Professor Sir David King, Chief... View News Article (2004-08-17)

Yale Journal: How, When, and Why Industrial Ecology is Good for Business
Industrial ecology, a rapidly growing field focused on sustainable production and consumption, has contributed numerous important tools to modern environmental management - life cycle assessment; "industrial symbiosis," or the by-product exchange between neighboring facilities; "design for environment"; and the use of material flow analysis to track resource use in supply... View News Article (2014-10-17)

Top conservation award for University of Kent academic
University of Kent academic, Dr Richard Bodmer, has been given the Presidential Award for 2003 by the Chicago Zoological Society. Dr Bodmer is Reader in Conservation Ecology in the University's Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology (DICE) based in the Department of Anthropology. The Award has been made in recognition of his 'personal work on the sustainable use of natural resources by... View News Article (2003-11-12)

Kittiwakes' trans-Atlantic winter odyssey linked to breeding success
One of Britain's best known seabirds winters on opposite sides of the Atlantic depending on whether its breeding attempt has been successful according to new research published today in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.  View News Article (2011-01-05)

Scientists explore new concepts of plant behavior and interactions
Plants 'talk' to each other through mycorrhizal networks, but can we eavesdrop on what plants are talking about? View News Article (2016-05-26)

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