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Will changes in climate wipe out mammals in Arctic and sub-Arctic areas?
The climate changes depicted by climatologists up to the year 2080 will benefit most mammals that live in northern Europe's Arctic and sub-Arctic land areas today if they are able to reach their new climatic ranges. View News Article (2013-01-15)

New Keys to Keeping a Diverse Planet
Variation in plants and animals gives us a rich and robust assemblage of foods, medicines, industrial materials and recreation activities. But human activities are eliminating biological diversity at an unprecedented rate. View News Article (2007-09-27)

New theory -- universal intelligence on animals and plants
Here it is proposed that life in all its variety is full of sensation and creates a complicated web of interaction with its surroundings. Mammals, birds and even fish mourn for a lost love. Single-celled organisms carry out tasks that are surprisingly complicated. We can demonstrate sensitivity in microscopic organisms, while plants emerge as intricate and complex as they respond to their... View News Article (1999-03-25)

Yale journal identifies products that cause greatest environmental damage
Cutting-edge research identifying the types of products that cause the greatest environmental damage is the focus of a special issue of Yale's Journal of Industrial Ecology. View News Article (2006-10-26)

Elderly crickets are set in their ways, study finds
As insects grow old their behaviour becomes increasingly predictable according to new research published in the journal Behavioural Ecology. View News Article (2015-04-29)

Yale Journal examines advances in complex adaptive systems and industrial ecology
Achieving sustainability requires a sophisticated understanding of continuously evolving resource, production, and consumption systems that make up society's relationship to nature. In a special new issue, Yale's Journal of Industrial Ecology illustrates how the field is increasingly turning to complexity science for tools and insights in its pursuit of reduced environmental impacts. View News Article (2015-05-12)

Biodiversity promotes evolutionary change
Evolutionary biologists at the University of East Anglia have discovered a new link between biodiversity and the evolution of new species. View News Article (2005-04-18)

How climate change may be impacting the world's tropical forests
New research suggests that multi-year droughts will significantly alter the structure, composition, and dynamics of second-growth tropical forests, which have re-grown after cessation of agricultural activity or a major disturbance such as fire. View News Article (2016-02-22)

Introduced marine species get larger in the invaded region
The transport of species outside their native region through human activities has often had a dramatic impact on the ecosystems into which these species are introduced and on the surrounding economies. The consequences of introduction for the introduced species itself, including changes in body size and shape, are less recognized. Prior studies of most groups of organisms, including plants,... View News Article (2003-08-13)

Study Finds Disparity in Land Protection
A new study of the earth's 13 biomes compares the location of parks and other protected lands to the extent of habitat loss and finds that some of the most altered biomes are also the least protected. The study also found the opposite: that some of the least altered biomes are the best protected. In the forthcoming issue of Ecology Letters, Hoekstra, Boucher, Ricketts and Roberts suggest that... View News Article (2005-01-11)

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