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Ecology Drives The Worldwide Distribution Of Human Diseases
Mounting evidence suggests that ecological and climatic conditions influence the emergence, spread, and recurrence of infectious diseases. Global climate change is likely to aggravate climate-sensitive diseases in unpredictable ways. Increasingly, public health programs aimed at preventing and controlling disease outbreaks are considering aspects of the ecology of infectious diseases--how hosts,... View News Article (2004-06-09)

Yale biologists 'trick' viruses into extinction
While human changes to the environment cause conservation biologists to worry about species extinction, Yale biologists are reversing the logic by trying to trap viruses in habitats that force their extinction, according to a report in Ecology Letters. View News Article (2007-02-13)

How to make global fisheries worth 5 times more: UBC research
Rebuilding global fisheries would make them five times more valuable while improving ecology, according to a new University of British Columbia study, published today in the online journal PLoS ONE. View News Article (2012-07-16)

Some plants may compensate for herbivore damage by stimulating nutrient release in the soil
Browsing by mammals often has a serious impact on the growth of tree saplings and the regeneration of forests. However, there is much uncertainty with regard to effects on soil nutrient cycling and in turn, potential consequences for the growth of plants. In a paper to be published in the June issue of Ecology Letters, researchers from Lancaster University and the Centre for Ecology and... View News Article (2004-05-13)

Supplemental feeding for endangered avian species
New research from conservationists at the University of Kent has revealed that supplemental feeding can help the recovery of endangered avian populations despite exacerbating the effects of infectious disease.  View News Article (2015-03-10)

Study finds reforestation may lower the climate change mitigation potential of forests
Scientists at the University of Oklahoma and the Fudan University in Shanghai, China, have found that reforestation and afforestation -- the creation of new forests -- may lower the potential of forests for climate change lessening.  View News Article (2010-06-01)

Catastrophic shift in species diversity and productivity of an ecosystem
Ecology and environmental management is largely predicated on the view that ecosystems respond to environmental changes in a smooth and straightforward way. However, in Ecology Letters, May, Schmitz reports on a long-term field experiment that may prompt a hard, critical look at this reigning view. In the experimental system, top predators instrumentally control species diversity and productivity... View News Article (2004-05-04)

New Study Is First to Show That Pesticides Can Induce Morphological Changes in Vertebrate Animals, Says Pitt Researcher
The world's most popular weed killer, Roundup®, can cause amphibians to change shape, according to research published today in Ecological Applications.  View News Article (2012-04-03)

Roadsigns for Rodents: Creation of signposts detected in the first non-human species
Humans are not alone in creating 'signposts' to help them find their way, according to new research published in the open access journal BMC Ecology. Wood mice, say scientists, move objects from their environment around using them as portable signposts whilst they explore. View News Article (2003-04-28)

Honeybees more likely to regulate hive's 'thermostat' during rapid temperature increases
Honeybees use their wings to cool down their hives when temperatures rise, but new University of Colorado Boulder research shows that this intriguing behavior may be linked to both the rate of heating and the size of a honeybee group. View News Article (2016-05-09)

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