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Study: Invasive species can dramatically alter landscapes
Invasive plant and animal species can cause dramatic and enduring changes to the geography and ecology of landscapes, a study from Purdue University and the University of Kentucky shows. View News Article (2014-12-12)

Extinctions, loss of habitat harm evolutionary diversity
A mathematically driven evolutionary snapshot of woody plants in four similar climates around the world has given scientists a fresh perspective on genetic diversity and threats posed by both extinctions and loss of habitat. View News Article (2010-12-17)

Media invitation: British Ecological Society Annual Meeting, Manchester Metropolitan University, 9-11 September 2003
Get more from your trip to this year's BA Festival of Science at Salford! You are invited to attend the UK's premier ecological event, the British Ecological Society's Annual Meeting, being held just a mile away from Salford at Manchester Metropolitan University, 9-11 September 2003. Thousands of ecologists from all four corners of the globe will be attending the meeting, which features more than... View News Article (2003-08-20)

Insect 'soup' serving up rapid biodiversity monitoring
Griffith University researchers have taken part in an international study which has discovered a fast but accurate means of identifying changes to the biodiversity of a region. View News Article (2013-08-07)

Opening a can of worms: Serendipitous discovery reveals earthworms more diverse than first thought
Scientists have found that the UK's common or garden earthworms are far more diverse than previously thought, a discovery with important consequences for agriculture. View News Article (2008-10-10)

Without ecology we are failing to reap the rewards of agri-environment schemes
Ecological evaluations must become an integral part of European agri-environment schemes if the billions of Euros spent on them are to result in real ecological benefits, leading ecologists have warned. A comprehensive review of the biodiversity benefits of agri-environment schemes, published in the latest issue of the British Ecological Society's Journal of Applied Ecology, suggests that policy... View News Article (2003-12-04)

Microbes contribute less to climate warming
The physiology of microbes living underground could determine the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from soils on a warmer Earth, according to a study published online this week in Nature Geoscience. View News Article (2010-04-28)

Dry rivers, vibrant with culture and life
'When the River Runs Dry' is a familiar song in Australia. Some rivers in the arid center of the continent flow only after a stiff monsoon season, and smaller tributaries all over the country commonly shrink to puddled potholes and dry river beds during the dry season. View News Article (2012-05-07)

Report challenges common ecological hypothesis about species abundance
A new report finds little empirical evidence to support a widely held ecological assumption that species are most abundant near the centers of their geographic ranges and decline in abundance near the ranges' edges. View News Article (2006-10-04)

LSU, Yale team study agricultural impact on Mississippi River
According to a study published in "Nature" by researchers at LSU and Yale University, farming has significantly changed the hydrology and chemistry of the Mississippi River, injecting more carbon dioxide into the river and raising river discharge during the past 50 years. View News Article (2008-01-24)

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