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'Exergames' may provide cognitive benefit for older adults
Virtual reality-enhanced exercise, or "exergames," combining physical exercise with computer-simulated environments and interactive videogame features, can yield a greater cognitive benefit for older adults than traditional exercise alone, according to a new study published in the February issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.  View News Article (2012-01-17)

Profound reorganization in brains of adults who stutter
Hearing Beethoven while reciting Shakespeare can suppress even a King's stutter, as recently illustrated in the movie "The King's Speech". This dramatic but short-lived effect of hiding the sound of one's own speech indicates that the integration of hearing and motor functions plays some role in the fluency (or dysfluency) of speech.  View News Article (2011-08-15)

Cutting edge - Scientists have combined a cutting ribosyme activity with an unwinding helicase activity
Scientists have long toyed with the idea of putting to work a special class of biological catalysts, called ribozymes, as therapeutic agents. These molecular scissors would harness the activities of overly active genes that contribute to diseases like cancer by cutting their immediate products, messenger RNAs, into unusable pieces. The advantage of this approach, is that these molecules can be... View News Article (2002-05-10)

Two cultures, same risk for cognitive impairment
Diabetes is a known risk factor for cognitive decline and dementia, age-related conditions that affect memory and thinking skills. However, little is known about how the diabetes-cognitive decline link compares across cultures. View News Article (2015-06-23)

World Experts Unite in Urgent Effort to Fight Deadly Disease
* Up to One Million Child Deaths are Preventable * * New Evidence Shows HIV-Infected Children & Infants are Particularly Vulnerable * Leaders in the fight against disease today emphasized the importance of preventing unnecessary child deaths from Streptococcus pneumoniae - a disease currently responsible for killing between 800,000 and one million children every year, mostly in developing... View News Article (2004-05-11)

UkeU, Leeds and Manchester launch global masters programme in bioinformatics
The universities of Leeds and Manchester will provide a new masters course in bioinformatics for UKeU. Leeds and Manchester are developing the course, which is to start in October 2003, as partners within the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN). It will employ novel elearning techniques to provide training to students in one of the biosciences' most exciting and fast-moving disciplines. The MSc... View News Article (2003-01-16)

£11.5m for new structural proteomics research programmes
BBSRC has announced two new research programmes that together will receive £11.5m under the Structural Proteomics of Rational Targets Initiative (SPoRT). The Membrane Protein Structure Initiative (MPSI), a consortium of experienced membrane research groups at universities and institutes across the UK and led by the University of Glasgow, has been awarded over £6.8m. MPSI aims to... View News Article (2004-06-17)

Generation of a severe memory-deficit mutant mouse by exclusively eliminating the kinase activity of CaMKIIalpha
Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II alpha (CaMKII alpha) is an enzyme that adds phosphates to a variety of protein substrates to modify their functions. View News Article (2009-06-19)

New non-executive chairman for Institute of Physics Publishing
Mike Boswood has been appointed as non-executive chairman of Institute of Physics (IOP) Publishing, the wholly owned publishing company of The Institute of Physics, an international learned society and professional body. Mr Boswood, who is the first person to be appointed to this post from outside the Institute, is president and CEO of Thomson Legal & Regulatory International, part of The... View News Article (2004-06-02)

Evaluating evolutionary rates could shed light into functions of uncharacterized genes
Genes that have roles in the same biological pathways change their rate of evolution in parallel, a finding that could be used to discover their functions, said a researcher at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in the February issue of GENETICS. View News Article (2013-02-11)

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