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Fatal car crashes among over 65s predicted to increase 155% by 2030
Fatal car crashes are predicted to rise by 155 per cent among older drivers by 2030, finds research in Injury Prevention. Drivers aged 65 and older will account for one in four drivers involved fatal crashes. The US researchers based their findings on the number of fatal car crashes for 1983, 1990, and 1995, representative nationwide surveys of annual mileage, population data, and trends in... View News Article (2002-06-20)

Alcohol implicated in rising toll of fatal car crashes involving young women drivers
Alcohol is an increasingly important factor in the rising toll of fatal car crashes involving young women drivers in the US, indicates research published in Injury Prevention. View News Article (2010-02-18)

Child safety seats reduce risk of death in crashes more than seat belts alone
Young children involved in car crashes may have a greater chance of survival if secured in a child restraint system, such as a safety seat than if buckled only in a seat belt. View News Article (2006-06-06)

Mandatory alcohol testing for truck and bus drivers reduces alcohol involvement in fatal crashes
Mandatory alcohol testing programs for truck and bus drivers have contributed to a significant reduction in alcohol involvement in fatal crashes, according to a new study by researchers at the Mailman School of Public Health and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. View News Article (2009-09-14)

Young women at growing risk of drunk-driving crashes
Underage female drinkers have been at a growing risk of fatal car crashes in recent years -- so much that they've caught up with their male counterparts, according to a study in the May issue of the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.  View News Article (2012-04-03)

Fatal Crashes in the U.S.: Fewer Canadian Drivers Under The Influence
A new study by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research and Policy and Columbia University finds alcohol-related fatal motor vehicle crashes in the U.S. are much lower among drivers with Canadian licenses than drivers with U.S. or Mexican licenses. View News Article (2011-10-19)

Up in smoke or bottoms up: How policy could affect substance abuse
Half of young drivers who died in car crashes in American states such as California, Hawaii and West Virginia were under the influence of either alcohol or marijuana, or both. View News Article (2015-01-13)

Fatigue is an important factor in serious road crashes
Fatigue, especially when combined with alcohol, presents a particularly high risk of road crashes resulting in death or serious injury, finds a study in this week's BMJ. Data from the French Ministry of Transport was used to investigate the role of fatigue in serious, single-vehicle crashes during 1994-8. About 10% of the crashes were related to fatigue and 23% to alcohol. The risk of death and... View News Article (2001-04-03)

US pedestrian wheelchair users third more likely to die in car crashes than general public
Pedestrian wheelchair users in the US are a third more likely to be killed in road traffic collisions than the general public, finds research published in the online journal BMJ Open. View News Article (2015-11-20)

Stronger drunk driving laws lead to safer roads: study
Changes to British Columbia's laws against driving while impaired have reduced fatal crashes as well as ambulance calls and hospital admissions resulting from motor vehicle crashes, a new University of British Columbia study finds. View News Article (2014-08-18)

Sort By: Most Viewed Fatal Car Crashes Current Events | Recent Fatal Car Crashes Current Events
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