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U Alberta researcher identifies 4 dinosaur species
Just when dinosaur researchers thought they had a thorough knowledge of ankylosaurs, a family of squat, armour plated, plant eaters, along comes University of Alberta graduate student, Victoria Arbour. View News Article (2013-05-09)

First dinosaurs identified from Saudi Arabia
Dinosaur fossils are exceptionally rare in the Arabian Peninsula. An international team of scientists from Uppsala University, Museum Victoria, Monash University, and the Saudi Geological Survey have now uncovered the first record of dinosaurs from Saudi Arabia. View News Article (2014-01-08)

Emory Researcher Finds Crayfish Fossils Provide Missing Evolutionary Link
Crayfish body fossils and burrows discovered in Victoria, Australia, have provided the first physical evidence that crayfish existed on the continent as far back as the Mesozoic Era, says Emory University paleontologist Anthony Martin, who headed up a study on the finds. View News Article (2008-02-07)

MSU, Mongolian paleontologists find 67 dinosaurs in one week
One recent week in the Gobi Desert produced 67 dinosaur skeletons for a team of paleontologists from Montana and Mongolia who want to flesh out the developmental biology of dinosaurs. View News Article (2006-09-15)

Reconstruction the brain morphology of Homo Liujiang cranium fossil by 3-D CT
hominin fossils are the most important materials to explore human origins and evolution. Since most hominin fossils are incomplete, or filled with a heavy calcified matrix, it is difficult or often impossible to reconstruct the endocast in a real fossil without destroying it. View News Article (2008-07-16)

New coelacanth find rewrites history of the ancient fish
Coelacanths, an ancient group of fishes once thought to be long extinct, made headlines in 1938 when one of their modern relatives was caught off the coast of South Africa. Now coelacanths are making another splash and University of Alberta researchers are responsible. View News Article (2012-05-03)

Ancient fossils reveal diversity in the body structure of human ancestors
Recently released research on human evolution has revealed that species of early human ancestors had significant differences in facial features. View News Article (2015-03-10)

New Bony-Skulled Dinosaur Species Discovered in Texas
Paleontologists have discovered a new species of dinosaur with a softball-sized lump of solid bone on top of its skull, according to a paper published in the April issue of the journal Cretaceous Research. View News Article (2010-04-20)

Scientists find evidence of iridescence in 40 million-year-old feather fossil
Known for their wide variety of vibrant plumage, birds have evolved various chemical and physical mechanisms to produce these beautiful colors over millions of years. View News Article (2009-08-26)

Fossil data plug gaps in current knowledge, study shows
Researchers have shown for the first time that fossils can be used as effectively as living species in understanding the complex branching in the evolutionary tree of life. View News Article (2007-10-03)

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