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New 'alien' invaders found in the Milky Way: Queen's University astronomer
As many as one quarter of the star clusters in our Milky Way - many more than previously thought - are invaders from other galaxies, according to a new study. View News Article (2010-03-01)

Chandra catches 'piranha' black holes
Supermassive black holes have been discovered to grow more rapidly in young galaxy clusters, according to new results from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. View News Article (2007-07-25)

Soft shells and strange star clusters
PGC 6240 is an elliptical galaxy that resembles a pale rose in the sky, with hazy shells of stars encircling a very bright centre. View News Article (2013-10-10)

X-ray satellites discover the biggest collisions in the Universe
The orbiting X-ray telescopes XXM-Newton and Chandra have caught a pair of galaxy clusters merging into a giant cluster. The discovery adds to existing evidence that galaxy clusters can collide faster than previously thought. View News Article (2007-07-18)

Planck spots hot gas bridging galaxy cluster pair
ESA's Planck space telescope has made the first conclusive detection of a bridge of hot gas connecting a pair of galaxy clusters across 10 million light-years of intergalactic space. View News Article (2012-11-21)

Largest ever survey of very distant galaxy clusters completed
An international team of researchers led by a UC Riverside astronomer has completed the largest ever survey designed to find very distant clusters of galaxies. View News Article (2009-07-01)

Baffling boxy bulge
When targeting spiral galaxy bulges, astronomers often seek edge-on galaxies, as their bulges are more easily distinguishable from the disc. View News Article (2009-11-18)


Astronomers find the most distant star clusters hidden behind a nearby cluster
Astronomers have discovered the most distant population of star clusters ever seen, hidden behind one of the nearest such clusters to Earth. View News Article (2007-01-11)

Astronomers Discover Mysterious New Star Clusters
A UK-led team of astronomers has discovered a completely new type of star cluster around a neighbouring galaxy. View News Article (2005-04-02)

Sort By: Most Viewed Galaxy Clusters Current Events | Recent Galaxy Clusters Current Events
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