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GEN highlights increasing use of digital gene expression profiling
A novel technique for carrying out gene-expression profiling is set to challenge the market dominance of the current, widely used methodology, reports Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN). View News Article (2009-04-06)

Gene expression in labor; and more — press release from PLoS Medicine
A Research Article, Perspective and e-Letter all published today discuss the use of microarrays to discover genes involved in childbirth. The three papers highlight the complexity of such gene expression analyses but also how crucial it is to make original data available for reanalysis. View News Article (2006-06-13)

Leukemia-related protein 16 and colorectal carcinoma
Leukemia related protein 16 (LRP16) gene is an important estrogen-responsive gene. LRP16 gene plays an important role in the carcinogenesis and progression of hormone-dependent cancer. LRP16 expression was also reported to be associated with invasion, metastasis and prognosis of gastric carcinoma. But no comprehensive description of LRP16 protein expression in colorectal cancer has been reported.  View News Article (2010-04-09)

GTEx -- How our fenetic code regulates gene expression
A new study presents the first analysis of the pilot dataset from the Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) project, which investigates how our underlying DNA regulates gene expression. View News Article (2015-05-15)

Men and women are different in terms of genetic predispositions
We are not all the same when it comes to illness. In fact, the risk of developing a disease such as diabetes or heart disease varies from one individual to another. View News Article (2012-09-20)

Core needle biopsy gives an accurate picture of gene expression in whole tumor
The gene expression profile detected in the core needle biopsy of a breast tumour is representative of gene expression in the whole tumour. View News Article (2006-08-21)

Gene Test Could Reduce Unnecessary Treatment For Women With Breast Cancer (pp 340, 362)
In this week's issue of THE LANCET, US researchers describe how gene expression profiles could determine whether or not women with breast cancer would respond to docetaxel treatment. Women who are likely to be resistant to the drug could be given alternative treatment. Chemotherapy or hormonal treatment after surgery for breast cancer is crucial in reducing mortality. Patients react differently... View News Article (2003-07-30)

Conserved gene expression reveals our 'inner fish'
A study of gene expression in chickens, frogs, pufferfish, mice and people has revealed surprising similarities in several key tissues. View News Article (2009-04-16)

Roles of S100A2 and p63 in the carcinogenesis of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma
As a member of the S100 family, S100A2 is considered a candidate tumor-suppressor gene. Recently, p63 gene, a new member of the p53 gene family, has been studied in the fields of tumorigenesis, cell apoptosis and tissue growth. View News Article (2009-09-17)

Electroacupuncture effect on depression and variation of polygenes expression
Preliminary basic research and clinical findings have demonstrated that electroacupuncture therapy exhibits positive effects in ameliorating depression.  View News Article (2014-03-24)

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