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Geochemist raises questions about carbon sequestration at Goldschmidt Conference
As carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere rise, policy makers and scientists are looking at new ways to tackle the problems associated with the greenhouse gas.  View News Article (2010-06-16)

Geologists Confirm Oxygen Levels of Ancient Oceans
Zunli Lu and Xiaoli Zhou, an assistant professor and Ph.D. student, respectively, in the Department of Earth Sciences, are part of an international team of researchers whose findings have been published by the journal Geology (Geological Society of America, 2014). View News Article (2014-06-11)

History book of lakes
Does man, through the felling of trees, alpine farming and atmospheric metal pollution produce a more negative effect on lakes than do natural changes, such as climate and vegetation? How long does it take until environmental protection measures actually show effect in lakes? Karin Koinig from the Institute of Zoology and Limnology at the University of Innsbruck tries to find an answer to this... View News Article (2001-02-22)

Scientists make new estimates of the deep carbon cycle
Over billions of years, the total carbon content of the outer part of the Earth -- in its upper mantle, crust, oceans, and atmospheres -- has gradually increased, scientists reported this month in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. View News Article (2015-06-22)

Ancient rocks yield clues about Earth's earliest crust
It looks like just another rock, but what Jesse Reimink holds in his hands is a four-billion-year-old chunk of an ancient protocontinent that holds clues about how the Earth's first continents formed. View News Article (2014-05-30)

Glaciers Contribute Significant Iron to North Atlantic Ocean
All living organisms rely on iron as an essential nutrient. In the ocean, iron's abundance or scarcity means all the difference as it fuels the growth of plankton, the base of the ocean's food web. View News Article (2013-03-12)

Water, water, everywhere... but is it safe to drink?
Over the last couple of generations, there has been a huge amount of groundwater pollution worldwide, and this has had a negative impact on our drinking water supply," says Barbara Sherwood Lollar, Canada Research Chair in Isotope Geochemistry of the Earth and the Environment at the University of Toronto.  View News Article (2011-02-22)

Virginia Tech geoscientists resolve inconsistent data on crystal growth, dissolution
Virginia Tech Geoscientists Patricia Dove and Nizhou Han have demonstrated that crystals dissolve and grow by the same set of analogous 'reversed' mechanisms. View News Article (2005-10-18)

Studies show movements of continents speeding up after slow 'middle age'
Two studies show that the movement rate of plates carrying the Earth's crust may not be constant over time.  View News Article (2014-06-16)

EARTH: Isotopes could reveal ancient American turquoise trade
A new study from geoscience researchers has important implications for studies of Mesoamerica and North America prior to the arrival of European settlers. View News Article (2015-12-04)

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