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No matter the drilling method, natural gas is a much-needed tool to battle global warming
No matter how you drill it, using natural gas as an energy source is a smart move in the battle against global climate change and a good transition step on the road toward low-carbon energy from wind, solar and nuclear power. View News Article (2012-07-11)

Can scientists look at next year's climate?
Is it possible to make valid climate predictions that go beyond weeks, months, even a year? UCLA atmospheric scientists report they have now made long-term climate forecasts that are among the best ever - predicting climate up to 16 months in advance, nearly twice the length of time previously achieved by climate scientists.  View News Article (2011-09-12)

European Geosciences Union 1st General Assembly, Nice, France, 25 - 30 April 2004
Press registration for this meeting is now open. The EGU 1st General Assembly will be held in the Nice-Acropolis Congress Centre in Nice, France, from Monday-Friday, 26-30 April 2004. On Sunday, 25 April 2004, registration will start at 14:00, and there will be an Opening & Union Award Ceremony in Athena at 16:30 - 18:00, followed by an Open Reception at 18:30 - 20:30 in Les Muses &... View News Article (2004-03-18)

AGU Journal Highlights - 7 June 2002
American Geophysical Union AGU Journal European Highlights - 7 June 2002 View News Article (2002-06-07)

Scientists find that lightning is good indicator of volcanic activity
Although it's been more than a year since Mount Augustine had its memorable eruption, work continues for University of Alaska Fairbanks researchers. The work of Alaska Volcano Observatory employees from UAF's Geophysical Institute will be appearing in the upcoming issue of the journal Science. View News Article (2007-03-29)

Tsunami risk higher in Los Angeles, other major cities
Geologists studying the Jan. 12 Haiti earthquake say the risk of destructive tsunamis is higher than expected in places such as Kingston, Istanbul, and Los Angeles. View News Article (2010-10-11)

Greenhouse gas effect consistent over 420 million years
New calculations show that sensitivity of Earth's climate to changes in the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) has been consistent for the last 420 million years, according to an article in Nature by geologists at Yale and Wesleyan Universities. View News Article (2007-03-29)

INTAS calls 2001: Up to 18.5 MEuro for international scientific research !
On 27 April 2001, INTAS officially opened its Open Call 2001, with an indicative budget of 15 MEuro, for the submission of joint research projects and networks related to the following scientific fields: => condensed matter, plasma, radio and material physics, optics and quantum electronics => life sciences (general & molecular biology, microbiology and cytology, physiology, biochemistry... View News Article (2001-05-14)

480-million-year-old fossil sheds light on 150-year-old paleontological mystery
Discovery of an exceptional fossil specimen in southeastern Morocco that preserves evidence of the animal's soft tissues has solved a paleontological puzzle about the origins of an extinct group of bizarre slug-like animals with rows of mineralized armor plates on their backs, according to a paper in Nature. View News Article (2008-01-10)

Evidence of repeated rapid retreat of the East Antarctic ice sheet
Research published in the journal Nature on May 19, 2016 has revealed that vast regions of the Totten Glacier in East Antarctica are fundamentally unstable and have contributed significantly to rising sea levels several times in the past.  View News Article (2016-05-19)

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